Trading Tom Rockliff & Rookies! » #SCCPodcast.R7

Having bottomed out in price, we look at trading Tom Rockliff into our SuperCoach sides. With many rookies peaking, they are also a big focus for the week. ft. Faz

We kick things off with rookie discussion this week. With more ripe rookies than we have trades, who to keep/trade was at the fore of our community's questions this week.

Tom Mitchell and Dan McKenzie Show » #SCCPodcast.R6

FBDonkey is keen for a 1-minute "Tom Mitchell and Dan McKenzie" podcast this week, but Marcus has other ideas... ft. Dunny

Before we get to Tom Mitchell and Dan McKenzie, we kick-off the round 6 discussion with more wretched news on the injury front... Rory Sloane has a fractured cheekbone that will put him out for 4-6 weeks, capping off a terrible run of luck for the young player. We question the merit in holding him, as well as look at the best premium replacements. We also consider holding Sloane for just one week considering Tom Rockliff's 199 breakeven.