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R9 SCCPodcast - tom rockliff injured

Tom Rockliff injured – listed on the official AFL injury list as 4-6 weeks out after cracking his ribs again. We discuss whether to keep or trade! Meanwhile – the search for rookie downgrades continues… ft. CJ


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The SuperCoach community breathed a collective “WTF” over the weekend after Tom Rockliff injured himself again. He cracked his three injured ribs again, and one assumes that the Lions will take the gentler approach this second time around. The question though remains, considering Rocky was already scheduled to miss with his R11 bye – do we hold until at least then?

Then the hunt for downgrade rookies continues, and the struggle is real… With upgrade season coming up through the byes, coaches are scouring for downgrade targets that can facilitate their upgrades. Considering the lack of rookies-on-the-bubble, Trent Dumont and Karl Amon still look to be the better options for the week after their single, small price rises over the weekend.

Shane Biggs also gets a teardown, as do a couple injury-affected rookie options from the weekend: Adam Oxley Mitch Clark.

Into the midfield and Marcus is chuffed about Mitch Wallis and his 153 over the weekend. Only a week after being labelled ‘unfeasible’, he’s become a legitimate option for many this week! With Rocky out for an extended period, specifically through the byes, he will likely need a trade now/then.

The final topic for the week, for those looking to upgrade Rocky this week, is an X v Y between Joel Selwood and Ollie Wines. With Selwood looking uninspiring this week, and Wines presenting great value off the back of his injury-affected 76, could this year be a passing of the guard?

R9 #SCCPodcast Rundown:

  • Tom Rockliff – Keep/trade?
  • Rookies – T.Dumont v K.Amon, S.Biggs, J.Hamling
  • Wallis – Too late to jump on this week?
  • J.Selwood vs O.Wines

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