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R7 - Trading Tom Rockliff

Having bottomed out in price, we look at trading Tom Rockliff into our SuperCoach sides. With many rookies peaking, they are also a big focus for the week. ft. Faz


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Before we discuss trading Tom Rockliff, we kick off the R7 discussion with rookie discussion. With more ripe rookies than we have trades, who to keep/trade was at the fore of our community’s questions this week. We consider if it’s time for Adam Oxley to go with a breakeven of 95, and look at Kamdyn McIntosh vs Nathan Brown:

Jesse Hogan vs Aaron Vandenberg gets a look too:

After looking at who to trade out, we look through the potential trade-ins for the week as well: Jordan De GoeyJake LeverCorey EllisAlex PearceBilly StretchMatthew DickJoshua Glenn

In the backline, the major topic for the week is Elliot Yeo vs Jackson Thurlow:

In the midfield, trading Tom Rockliff is obvious but what about Adam Treloar or Steve Johnson? Both have bottomed out. Can Rocky wait a week?

In the forward line Lance Franklin has bottomed out as well; Marcus is psyched after passing on Tom Mitchell last week.

R7 #SCCPodcast Rundown:

  • Rookies! – Who to keep/trade? Trade-in targets.
  • E.Yeo v J.Thurlow
  • R.Griffen – The final straw?
  • T.Rockliff v A.Treloar v S.Johnson
  • L.Franklin – Non-Mitchell owners assemble!


  1. Love your work guys

    On top important issues now – if we vote to upgrade the song what will the new version be?

    1. Thanks Mathew. Not sure yet but will put some options to a vote if we end up ‘trading’.

      Welcome suggestions!

  2. Made a mistake and voted upgrade for the opening song. Whatever the tally is, take 1 off upgrade and add it to keep. Thanks.

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