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The "Tom Mitchell and Dan McKenzie" Show

FBDonkey is keen for a 1-minute “Tom Mitchell and Dan McKenzie” podcast this week, but Marcus has other ideas… ft. Dunny


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Before we get to Tom Mitchell and Dan McKenzie, we kick-off the round 6 discussion with more wretched news on the injury front… Rory Sloane has a fractured cheekbone that will put him out for 4-6 weeks, capping off a terrible run of luck for the young player. We question the merit in holding him, as well as look at the best premium replacements. We also consider holding Sloane for just one week considering Tom Rockliff‘s 199 breakeven:

Another big SuperCoach injury, Isaac Heeney is also out for 4-6. He sustained the knee injury during the Melbourne game. McKenzie and Joshua Glenn are standouts on-the-bubble this week! With McKenzie’s added D/M DPP status, and news that Adam Saad has also gone down with a hamstring injury, many coaches are wondering:

Then onto the most anticipated player this week: Tom Mitchell! How is his job security? Are his scores sustainable? What if I also don’t have Robbie Gray, or Marcus Bontempelli, or Brendon Goddard?!

Many coaches are starting to panic at the number of injury trades used up early. So, we chose this topic to close out round 6:

The “Tom Mitchell and Dan McKenzie” Show:

  • R.Sloane – Keep/Trade? Who to? Hold for Rocky? Would StevieJ be crazy?
  • D.McKenzie & J.Glenn – X v Y x X&Y
  • Underperforming – M.Hibberd, A.Swallow, D.Rich
  • T.Mitchell – “Must-have”? vs Gray? vs Bontempelli? vs Goddard?
  • Trades – How many should I have?

Don’t forget #checkyourbyes!

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