Rookies & Recap: SuperCoach Preseason 2017 #SCCPodcast.PS7

rookies & recap

Welcome to the final preseason #SCCPodcast of 2017!

Marcus & FBDonkey discuss the best rookies & recap the 2017 SuperCoach pre-season.


Rookies & Recap:

  • Midfield Recap
    • D.Swallow, J.O’Meara
  • Ruck Recap
    • M.Gawn, S.Martin, A.Sandilands, J.Witts, T.Nankervis,
    • Ruck Structure
  • $200-300k Players:
    • J.Thurlow, C.Marchbank, A.McGrath, T.Taranto, W.Hoskin-Elliot, C.McCarthy
  • Rookies:
    • BAC: L.Keeffe, M.Scharenberg, C.Hampton, E.Vickers-Willis, A.Otten, T.Stewart, J.Smith, M.Hibberd
    • MID: S.Powell-Pepper, J.Barrett, W.Brodie
    • M/F: B.Ainsworth, J.Bowes, T.Taranto, J.Pickett, T.Miles, B.Parfitt
    • RUC: B.Preuss, D.Cameron
    • FWD: K.Turner, J.Kennedy-Harris, A.Black, D.Butler, B.Eddy, D.Houston
  • Overall Team Structure


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  1. Hey guys…long time listener from when it was YSCC, thoughts on horlin-smith? Has a decent ceiling but will he get any opportunity? Thanks 🙂

    1. Will get opportunities, but they may not come consistently. Decent disposal numbers but not a particularly good user of the ball so has a limited SuperCoach game. Not for me.

  2. Petrovski-Seton just named for Carlton. Thoughts? Job security compared to taranto maybe? Scoring potential?

    1. No JLT games and named to play – you’d think he’ll be up for plenty of opportunity this year. Hard call at this stage but I don’t see myself paying for his premium price tag without some exposed JLT form.

  3. Guys if your looking for a competitive league still not too late. Only a few spots left though code: 282584

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