The Backline Show: SuperCoach 2017 #SCCPodcast.PS5


Welcome to the fifth pre-season podcast of SuperCoach 2017!

Marcus & FBDonkey continue the positional shows in the backline, a position experiencing a ‘changing of the guard’ in 2017.


The Backline Show:

  • 95+ Premiums:
    • S.Docherty, A.Rance, T.Adams, R.Laird, J.Johannisen
  • The Old Guard:
    • M.Boyd, K.Simpson, H.Shaw, L.Montagna
  • Previously Averaged 95+:
    • B.Vince, T.McDonald, B.Houli, L.Hodge, H.Hartlett
  • Breakout Candidates:
    • J.Howe, Z.Williams, Z.Tuohy, C.Mills, R.Henderson, J.Martin
  • Backline Structure


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  1. Hey guys you talked about guys who could take it to the next level and I was wondering about your thoughts on Rampe/Kolodjashnij.
    Secondly thoughts on the cheaper options Thurlow/Zak Jones

    1. Rampe’s drawback is his defensive responsibilities take him away from SuperCoach scoring action at times – limiting his overall ceiling. I like him but it’s hard to call when he’s going to finally hit premium numbers.

      KK is a decent smokey but has disappointed in the past. I would be a lot more comfortable if he had more support, not playing for a meagre gold coast side.

      I really reckon Thurlow is an ace pick and am not looking to Z.Jones.

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