The Midfield Show: SuperCoach 2017 #SCCPodcast.PS3

Welcome to the third pre-season podcast of SuperCoach 2017! Dunny joins us for the first time this season as we kick off the positional shows in the midfield.


The Midfield Show:

  • Patrick Dangerfield – is he worth the coin?
  • Averaged 110+ in 2016:
    • S.Pendlebury, G.Ablett, L.Neale, J.Selwood, Z.Merrett, A.Treloar, T.Rockliff, J.Kennedy, D.Hannebery, L.Parker
  • Return to 110+ in 2017?
    • N.Fyfe, R.Sloane, R.Gray, C.Ward
  • Breakout to 110+ in 2017?
    • D.Martin, M.Bontempelli, P.Cripps, S.Coniglio, T.Mitchell, J.Steven, J.Viney, L.Hunter
  • Injury or Bargain Premiums:
    • D.Heppell, D.Prestia, A.Swallow, J.Watson, M.Murphy, D.Beams
  • Bargain Mid-pricers:
    • J.O’Meara, S.Selwood, D.Swallow


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  1. Awesome podcast as always boys, been listening since 2010 or so.

    Maybe touch on a few more midfielders for next seasons preview show? It’s the deepest position so maybe throw 5-10 more in there?

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