Rookie Options & Bye-Free Premiums, SuperCoach R11 2020

tom mitchell bye-free premiums supercoach

Marcus & FBDonkey discuss this week’s key topics: best rookie options, is Jy Simpkin back and bye-free premiums including Shuey & Merrett!

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Round 11 Show Rundown

  • [PATREON] Shannon Swan
    Rookies, rookies, rookies
  • [FACEBOOK] Matthew Donnelly
    Is Tobe Watson a viable rookie selection this week despite the inflated price tag?
  • [FACEBOOK] Nathan Scott
    Worth going Conroy to Draper this week even at his elevated price?
  • [TWITTER] @stephenc24
    Should we continue to use all our trades on the assumption that we’ll be given extra trades once future bye rounds are announced ?
  • [TWITTER]@joe_cundall
    Thoughts on shuey (bye-free premiums)
  • [FACEBOOK] Alistair Campbell
    Thoughts on Gaff and him vs Merrett?
  • [FACEBOOK] Bridget Jolly
    Is Jy Simpkin back to his early season form? If so, should he be a key target?


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