Doedee replacements, Wicks vs Bytel & is Gawn’s time up? R12 2020

max gawn doedee replacements supercoach

Marcus & CJ discuss this week’s key topics: Bytel vs Wicks vs O’Halloran, Doedee replacements, and is Gawn’s time up?

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Round 12 Show Rundown

  • [FACEBOOK] Steven Clough
    When do finals start? Is it rd 14 so leaves 4 weeks for finals
  • [TWITTER] @Sam_Sturmy
    Bytel v Wicks? (wicks has had his bye, but Bytel may be the better option). + O’Halloran
    Doedee replacement fellas. Already have Lloyd, Haynes, Dochers, Stewart, Ridley…Cheers fellas
  • [PATREON] ScariesVIII
    Time to go, Gawn? Further injury cloud makes him a bit of a concern, time to trade out to Goldstein or other?
  • [FACEBOOK] Jason Beirouti
    Is bailey smith shit now that Dunkley is back
  • [FACEBOOK] Stuart Lockhart
    I’m thinking it’s important to only trade in those that have had a bye. Even if they only average around the 100 mark, it’s better to have than an upcoming donut during the next lot of byes which could be during finals. I missed a lot of the good cash cows and am struggling for coin. Who are the best bang for buck players that have had their bye?
  • [PATREON] Shannon Swan
    Fyfe is the lowest he will be. He is bye free but potentially playing more up forward. Is he worth the M8 spot a $560K.
  • Captain’s Corner
  • [FACEBOOK] Mick Luiten
    When does it go back to all teams being named on the Friday?


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