Navigating the byes… again! Sicily & Yeo replacements R13 2020

james sicily injured supercoach replacements

Marcus, Brice & Dunny discuss this week’s key topics: trading strategy for the upcoming bye period, Sicily & Yeo replacements, rookies and more!

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Round 13 Show Rundown

  • [PATREON] Shannon Swan
    With teams fully upgraded (or close to) and a bounty of trades coming up should our strategy be upgrading on field to the best scoring options (i.e Macrae) regardless of value, or deepening our bench with value picks as they present themselves?
  • [PATREON] Dan Whitty
    Sicily to Lloyd & downgrade, 
    or Haynes/similar value bye free player & Parish/similar value bye free player,
    or Blakely/Thurlow & Fyfe/similar value bye free player?
  • [PATREON] ScariesVIII
    Hey boys, i’m in the position of having to replace both Sicily & Macpherson in my backline with nil (ie Rivers & B Williams) cover on the bench, so urgent repairs required. Will have a tad over $1m to upgrade both. Which 2 to bring in?
  • [TWITTER] @sfox202
    Is Thurlow too tempting to pass up or a pitfall for the unwary? #SCCPodcast #Supercoach
  • [TWITTER] @JulienAnese
    Yeo replacement: Fyfe or Parker? Wondering if Fyfe is a must have with his high ceiling despite being injury prone
  • [TWITTER] @CrazyTaylors
    Can we trust Angus Brayshaw in the run home at M8? Has scored last two, only $417k, clear of byes & looks like he’s had more midfield time.
  • [FACEBOOK] Luke Kenyon
    I need some help with some downgrade targets. Would love that you focus in that. Especially some DPP players


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