Tom Stewart vs Mitch Duncan & Rookie Options! R10 2020

tom stewart vs mitch duncan supercoach

Marcus & CJ discuss this week’s key topics: which rookies to trade out and which to trade in, Tom Stewart vs Mitch Duncan, and more!

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Round 10 Show Rundown

  • [FACEBOOK] Leanne Richards
    Are we able to still reverse trade in the 24 ish hours between rounds?
    Sam Draper ESS RUC 123900   
    Strauchan ADE RUC/FWD 123900 
    Connor Ballenden BRL FWD 123900 
    Sam Skinner BRL FWD 111400 
    Mark Keane COL DEF 123900   
  • [PATREON] ScariesVIII
    Hi guys. Trade out priority order of following rookies please- Williamson Starcevich Noble Bennell Taylor Buderick? Keep up the great work!
  • [FACEBOOK] Bridget Jolley 
    Rankine is projected to pretty much break even. Has he done his dash?
  • [PATREON] Shannon Swan
    Should we pivot our R3 in to the forward line to accommodate Draper. For example trade King to Draper via Cameron pivot. Cameron becomes F7.   
  • [PATREON] Richard Callus
    Assuming you have equal need in your backline and midfield – who should be prioritized this week – Tom Stewart vs Mitch Duncan?
  • [PATREON] Steve
    Who’s the bigger priority to get in this week?
    Dusty (for Pickett) or Stewart (for McPherson)? Both outs have more money to make, don’t have enough cash to do it any other way.
  • [FACEBOOK] Michael Bairstow 
    Should we take Duncan who is a bargain or get Neale or MacRae while they are still attainable?


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