Double-down Week: Rankine, Simpson, Day, McPherson! R7 2020

double-down izak rankine supercoach

Marcus, Dunny & Faz discuss this week’s key topic: who’s on the double-down train? We pick between Izak Rankine, Sam Simpson, Will Day & Andrew McPherson!

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  • Isaac Heeney Injured
    • [FACEBOOK] Simon Hiscock
      If you need to replace Heeney and are going quite well overall, should you side swap to a Bailey Smith type, go up to someone like Simpkin, or down to Rankine?
  • Ben Long Suspended
  • Rookie Trades
    • [TWITTER] @DanielMassa8
      Thoughts on who to trade out for Rankine and Simpson this week. an underperforming premium/midpricer eg. Ceglar, Smith, Rozee etc or a non playing rookie eg Georgiades, Rivers etc or a ripe playing cash cow eg Starcevich, Taylor, Budarick etc?
    • [PATREON] Luke Kenyon
      So this week is all about 2 downgrades with all these amazing rookies?  I feel like Rankine is a yes and I’m struggling to choose the next one…  McPherson?  Should we be worried about job security with Day and Simpson?
    • [FACEBOOK] Mathew Donnelly
      Is Simpson/Rankine the clear 1-2 or does Will Day feature?Can we go for one of these rookies next week after a price rise? 
    • [PATREON] Dan Whitty
      If you managed to go early on a Rankine or Simpson is this a good opportunity to go one up, one down when the majority of the comp will be double downgrading or are Day/McPherson a priority? Cheers.
  • Premium Trades
    • [PATREON] Orallus_Maximus
      Cripps – injury updates and if so what to do?
    • [FACEBOOK] Rodger Brook
      Ceglar is killing me. To run the salt into the wound I was choosing between Ceglar and Greenwood at the start of the season. It was a 50/50 and I went Ceglar. Kicking myself. Would you get rid of him? I think I need to so I can sleep at night!
    • [FACEBOOK] Tom Boek
      Bailey Smith as an option in the next couple weeks even if I have Bontempelli, Macrae and Daniel??


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