Matt Rowell Injured & Value Targets: Whitfield, Yeo, Ridley! R6 2020

matt rowell injured supercoach

Marcus, FBDonkey & Faz discuss this week’s key topics: Matt Rowell injured and who to replace him with, Aarts’ 76 on debut, bang-for-buck options including Yeo, Whitfield, Ridley & Steven, and more!

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Round 6 #SCCPodcast Questions:

  • Injuries/Suspensions
    • [PATREON] Chris Todd
      Matt Rowell Injured. How long should we expect Rowell to be out for? Should we hold given his premo scoring potential and other endless issues on field?
    • [TWITTER] @loooooongy
      @laughingracoon had some interesting thoughts about not sideways trading premiums during upgrade cadence. That being the case, we should hold Rowell?
    • [PATREON] Geoff Lane
      Are any of Jack Steele, Dylan Shiel or Yeo worth considering as value Rowell/Viney upgrades?
    • [PATREON] John Piraina
      Rowell up to Yeo to save some coins or up to Macrae or other?
    • [TWITTER] @LiamBarry20
      Mitchell or Yeo and an extra $113,000. Both have about the same BE.
    • [FACEBOOK] Sam Perkins
      I traded Fyfe-Oliver last week. With Rowell being my latest injury, and having the coin to make him Fyfe this week if named, would you do it? Or look elsewhere?
  • Rookies
    • [PATREON] Miles Doherty
      Also, Jake Aarts – trust to stay in the team?
    • [PATREON] Tandy Li
      Any rookies that look like must haves or near to?
  • Trade Outs
    • [PATREON] Jesse Turner
      What do we do with Viney?
    • [PATREON] Chris Long
      Which rookies to get rid of this week: Starcevich, Budarick, Brown?
  • Trade Ins
    • [PATREON] Lachlan Skilbeck
      Is Whitfield a genuine premium option this year in the forward line. Outside of his injury game he is averaging 96 which puts him at 12th highest average in the forward line, behind Jack Martin. Has his role changed so much that he is no longer a top 6 forward? 
    • [PATREON] Luke Kenyon
      I brought in Hill instead of Ridley this week, Sort of regret it but is Ridely still the best Defender to bring in this week?
    • [TWITTER] @stephenc24
      Can we trust Jack Steven?


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