Pittonet to Gawn & a bargain Bailey Smith R8 2020

bailey smith supercoach

Marcus, Brice & CJ discuss this week’s key topics: the new fixture for round 9-12, Pittonet to Gawn and cheap-as-chips Bailey Smith!

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Round 8 Show Rundown

  • [Facebook] Mathew Donnelly
    With most people having a large amount on cash 300k+ is it a double up week or so we grab a rookie and paint the fence?
    Of the rookies which are the most tempting
    – Weightmann
    – McKay
    – minchington
    – any missed last week
  • [Facebook] Gavin Kums
    Went Rankin/Day last week. Is it too late to grab Simpson this week?
  • [Facebook] Dennis Vergopoulos
    Is Sam Mayes a consideration?
  • [PATREON] LickitySlurp
    What to do with pittonet? 
  • [Facebook] Scott McNaughton
    Is it go all out to get a max value Gawn or is it better to seek a more value option and invest cash into other areas. Gawn also struggles against Brisbane.
  • [Twitter] @Gabasneh
    Pittonet to Gawn or English/ Goldie. Are paying the extra $$$ worth it this year?
  • [Facebook] Luke Kenyon
    Am I missing something but is Bailey Smith all that? I am struggling to see why he is a top target this week


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