Grand Final #SCCPodcast: The Best & Worst of SuperCoach 2022

We say goodbye to season 2022 with four cast members back for the Grand Final podcast! Marcus is joined by FBDonkey, Dunny & Faz to close out the season that has been. We discuss our best and worst starting picks and trades, and look forward to next year in picking our first-picked and breakout players for 2023.

What It’s Like to Be Leading SuperCoach & Best Cripps Options!

In the penultimate round of the SuperCoach season, Marcus & FBDonkey are joined by JP - coach of team Raymagoo. JP is fresh off taking the lead for this year's SuperCoach title and $50k prize. He shares his highlights and key moves for the season so far, some words of wisdom and picks for 2023, and what life is like hoping to hold on to that #1 spot for two more weeks! We also discuss the best options to replace the suspended Cripps at varying price points.