How to Best Navigate Stewart’s Suspension: Comparing Dawson, Hall & Docherty

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How to best navigate the suspension to Tom Stewart.  Which defender will top score on the run home?  Is Aaron Hall’s upside worth rolling the dice on injury risk?  Marcus & FBDonkey analyse the most popular trade in candidates ahead of round 16.

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2021 SuperCoach Round 16 Podcast Rundown:

  • Tom Stewart suspended, top scoring replacements:
    • James Sicily
    • Jack Sinclair
    • Jordan Dawson
    • Sam Docherty
    • Aaron Hall
  • Value replacements: Lachie Whitfield vs Jake Lloyd
  • Rookies: Massimo D’Ambrosio vs Rhett Bazzo


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We recorded this patron exclusive after the pre-round 16 main recording. Topics include:

  • Is Liam Baker’s scoring sustainable?
  • Trading in Jack Steele on the run home
  • Sideswapping underperforming premiums
  • Keep or trade Harry Himmelberg?


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