Grand Final #SCCPodcast: The Best & Worst of SuperCoach 2022

james sicily lachie neale will brodie stephen coniglio jarrod witts supercoach season review 2022

We say goodbye to season 2022 with four cast members back for the Grand Final podcast! We discuss our best & worst starting picks and trades. Plus a peek forward at 2023 in picking our first-picked and breakout players.

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2022 SuperCoach Grand Final Podcast Rundown:

  • Best pick of the year 
  • Worst pick of the year 
  • Best trade of the year
  • Worst trade of the year
  • First pick next year 
  • Break out star next year
  • Best captains & vice-captains for the Grand Final


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We recorded this patron exclusive after the Grand Final main recording. Topics include:

  • Best luxury side swaps for the Grand Final
  • Grand Final tag risks
  • Bringing in a loophole premium for the Grand Final
  • League match ups: play the man or play the ball?
  • Reflections on season 2022


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