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Hello SCC community!

As you have probably noticed – we have not recorded a podcast this week.


Round 1 is the last week we can take off each season, so we have taken that opportunity to take a break before 22 more rounds of podcasting 🙂 Apologies to those of you hanging out to get some of your questions answered!

Beyond that, we also do not recommend trading after Round 1, and will explain that in a bit more detail below.

Before we do, it’s time to reveal our starting teams for season 2016.

FBDonkey SCC: Starting SuperCoach Team, Season 2016

FBDonkey Starting Team 2016

“I picked a fairly standard team for 2016. My main PODs are Bartel, Rich, Hall and De Goey but all of them are still reasonably popular selections.

In my backline I picked 3 premiums and 5 rookies. Due to a lot of back rookies missing out on selection I was very tempted to add an extra back premium at the expense of a midfielder but I didn’t really like any of the other backline premium options.

I think that my midfield is reasonably standard. I couldn’t resist Libba at his price and I liked that the high scoring midfielders all potentially presented with some value. Wines was the only sub 600k midfielder that I seriously considered. I also chose to go with Parish over Oliver as a bit of a POD given his low exposure in the NAB.

I had the Goldy/Martin ruck combination locked for most of the preseason but didn’t want to run with 3 Brisbane premiums given their tough start to the year. I also liked that NicNat didn’t share a bye with Goldy and NicNat’s cheaper price also swayed me in his direction as I was really struggling for funds with this team.

After round 1 I am obviously pretty happy with this combination! I picked Goetz so that I had someone to help me with the captain’s loophole and the Bulldogs play a lot of games later in the round, especially in the first half of the year.

I have taken a risk by not including a R/F rookie at R3. The biggest risk that I have taken is probably De Goey at F3. I really liked his preseason and hope that he can get me off to a good start.

I thought that Barlow and Hall were really obvious selections as were all of the rookies.

I scored 2253 in round 1 despite a few players like Barlow, Fyfe, Brown all starting quite poorly.”

– FBDonkey

SuperCoachCoach (Marcus): Starting SuperCoach Team, Season 2016

Marcus SuperCoachCoach Starting Team

“I picked most of the players I forecasted in the podcast this season. FBDonkey and I both agreed on the Rich/Bartel/Shaw trio during the defenders show, and that’s how I ended up lining up in the backline. I also ended up taking three rookies on-field despite being unsure about Matt Dea. I was very close to picking Jesse Lonergan in his place but was worried about picking a mid-pricer at the last minute, which could potentially be a mistake.

In the midfield, I decided to start Brad Crouch over Clayton Oliver. It was a last-minute switch but I was slightly concerned about Oliver in a midfield that may not offer him much protection or support.  For a relatively small price difference, Crouch enticed me more. Crouch did not perform after round one, but I am hopeful he will build into the season quickly.

The other big midfield decision I made was to pick Ollie Wines ahead of Nathan Fyfe. I was not confident in Fyfe’s pre-season. Off the back of such a high-scoring year last year, and after learning from the Ablett situation last year, I decided to take a punt and leave him out. He could punish me at any time though, so it’s definitely a nervous call. In his place, I was deciding between Wines and Robbie Gray. I ultimately took the guy with more potential upside from his starting price. I gave Wines big wraps on the podcast last year, and I thought this pre-season was a good time to commit – considering Port’s draw to start the season.

In the rucks, I had Todd Goldstein & Nic Naitanui locked for awhile. Again, this was pretty much in line with my thoughts on the ruck show. The only reason I passed on NicNat last year was his poor pre-season, and it pained me to watch his last half of 2015. I was not going to pass on him again, not off a better pre-season in 2016. His first round score verified his upside, I would be nervous without him.

My forward line could possibly the most erroneous position in my team this year. I ended up passing on Aaron Hall because of concerns over how he would fare when Gold Coast get some of their core midfielders back from injury. I knew it would be painful to watch, considering his form, and facing Essendon first up. What I forgot was how truly excruciating one SuperCoach week can be. Greene’s poor start to the season did not help, compounding my worries.

The last talking point in my team is Daniel Menzel, and he’s probably the most controversial selection in my team this year. Without a doubt – my Geelong bias definitely played a part here. I believe in his upside, in his ability to get back into the team, and I was happy to take a round 1 donut to get Menadue’s emergency score of 80. Time will tell if this move backfires, and Tom Papley could prove tempting as his replacement next week.

I ended up scoring 2241 in Round 1. Hoping to pip FBDonkey in Round 2!”

– Marcus SCC

Trade Advice:
Why shouldn’t I trade after one round?

Trade Advice: Round 1, 2015

FBDonkey: These were the top 10 scorers from round 1 last year. Back your team for another week and get some more information.

Marcus: Whilst you could make potentially stellar trades in round one, you are more likely to make reactionary trades based off only one round of information. Back your pre-season judgement, allow yourself one more week of information, and hold off on trading this week. It is dangerous to bring in a player after only one game of scoring history, and the example above illustrates exactly that.


    1. For one more round – definitely! Might not last past next week though 😮 Hoping for a big showing from Greene.

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