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Correction Trade Week.

This is a crucial week for SuperCoach, trades this week can set your season up for failure or success!

To better help the SCC community this week, we’ve recorded a bonus-length podcast!


We are two rounds into the SuperCoach season, and on the cusp of the first price changes for the year. Correction trade week is the time to finally get our hands dirty, and make our first trades!

Join us for an extended length podcast this week as we run through the top trade-out and trade-in targets. Barlow, Rich, Rocky, JJ, Hall & Papley headline the discussion.

With only two-weeks of form to go off, keeping perspective and holding your nerve can be the key this week. Catch the Correction Trade Week #SCCPodcast below:

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  1. Love your podcasts lads especially your thoughts on Barlow tonight. Lot’s of hype around him and I am thinking of holding. Keep up the good work lads and really like the maturity with which you speak.

  2. Hey Marcus and Fbdonkey thanks for the latest podcast. I am thinking of sticking with Barlow and am trading out Rockliff for Libba who I decided not to go with at the start of the season. keep up the good work boys. Cheers

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