The Rookies Show: SuperCoach 2018 #SCCPodcast.PS6

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Welcome to the final preseason podcast of SuperCoach 2018! We discuss the rookies and whether or not to start the season with Patrick Dangerfield.

SuperCoach 2018 marks the 10th season of SuperCoachCoach podcasts! Thank you to our AMAZING community for your support over the years 🙂

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Nick Coffield (StK) $171,300 DEF/MID
Thomas Cole (WCE) $170,400
Mitchell Hibberd (NM) $169,300
Aaron Naughton (WB) $166,800
Cam O’Shea (Carl) $166,000
Tom Doedee (Adel) $123,900
Jeremy Finlayson (GWS) $123,900 DEF/MID
Sam Murray (Coll) $123,900
Lachlan Keeffe (GWS) $123,900
Riley Stoddart (Syd) $117,300
Brody Mihocek (Coll) $102,400
Lachlan Murphy (Adel) $102,400
Andrew Brayshaw (Frem) $198,300
Paddy Dow (Carl) $193,800
Luke Davies-Uniacke (NM) $189,300
Will Brodie (GC) $187,700
Hunter Clark (StK) $175,800
Tim Kelly (Geel) $117,300
Dom Barry (PA) $117,300
Nick Shipley (GWS) $117,300
Brayden Ainsworth (WC) $117,300
Bailey Banfield (Frem) $123,400
Nick Holman (GC) $102,400
Tim English (WB) $134,700 RUC/FWD
Darcy Cameron (Syd) $123,900
Tony Olango (WC) $102,400
Cam Rayner (BL) $202,800 FWD/MID
Jaidyn Stephenson (Coll) $180,300 FWD/MID
Darcy Fogarty (Adel) $153,300 FWD/MID
Jarrod Garlett (Carl) $117,300 FWD/MID
Zac Giles-Langdon (GWS) $117,300
Bayley Fritsch (Melb) $117,300
Liam Ryan (WC) $117,300
Willie Rioli (WC) $123,900
Daniel Venables (WC) $123,900
Paul Ahern (NM) $117,300 FWD/MID
Jack Higgins (Rich) $130,800 FWD/MID
Patrick Dangerfield
Allen Christensen
Tom Bell

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