The Back Line Show: SuperCoach 2018 #SCCPodcast.PS5

back line elliot yeo supercoach 2018

Welcome to the fifth preseason podcast of SuperCoach 2018! We continue the positional shows with the back line.

SuperCoach 2018 marks the 10th season of SuperCoachCoach podcasts! Thank you to our AMAZING community for your support over the years 🙂

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0:00 Introduction
1:57 Michael Hurley
2:52 Elliot Yeo
6:37 Backline Strategy
7:27 Rory Laird
8:03 Michael Hibberd
9:39 Jeremy Howe
10:51 Bachar Houli
11:35 Kade Simpson & Heath Shaw
15:24 Dylan Roberton
16:49 Shane Savage
19:27 Brandon Ellis
20:18 Jeremy McGovern
21:10 Alex Rance
21:58 Jake Lloyd
23:40 Luke McDonald
24:44 Jack Crisp
25:47 Jason Johannisen
26:37 Christian Salem
27:59 Dane Rampe
29:06 James Sicily
31:01 Andrew McGrath
32:57 Jake Kelly
33:55 Angus Brayshaw
34:29 Jackson Thurlow
35:43 Riley Bonner
36:43 Alex Pearce
37:33 Ciaran Byrne
38:26 Corey Ellis
40:01 Closing Thoughts

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