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    SuperCoachCoach #6

    The Untouchables are in. All the best!
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    This is the longest TLDR I have ever seen haha
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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    All the best everyone! 2020 - 58,682 (stinker) 2019 - 3,808 2018 - 10,612 2017 - 31,126 2020 SC League #7
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    Round 5 Discussion

    Thanks, mate. Agree they look to be the best of the bunch. I feel like Crisp is the most proven of this group (I already have Sicily).
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    Round 5 Discussion

    I loaded up with cash last week to bring in Gawn for Naismith this week but am also stuck with Howe. Crisp seems to be the only decent pick I can bring in with my available funds. Am I missing anyone else? It has been a brutal season so far.
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    SuperCoachCoach #7 - Season 2020

    Untouchables are in. Good luck all!
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    2020 Ranked SCC League Registration

    The Untouchables 2019 - 3,808 2018 - 10,612 2017 - 31,126 2019 SC League #14
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    Round 23 anyone??

    I lost my cash league last week by 14 points but on the bright side snuck through to the GF in my SC League (#14). Greene was out so rolled the dice and picked up Lynch hoping he can kick a bag, not too many other options at that price point (was a few K off getting Marshall). Good luck to all!
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    Round 20 Discussion and Trades

    big thanks to all on this thread! I had Stewart and T Lynch as my trade ins but after some advice here I swapped to Greene and Houli and this was more than enough to get me over the line in my cash league.
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    Round 20 Discussion and Trades

    That form at the G was not something I though of, I am now sold on Houli over Stewart on the run home. Stewart has also played all 18 games so far so I wonder if there is a chance he could be rested? There is strong competition for spots down back so they could give someone else a chance to slot...
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    Round 19 Discussion and Trades

    I decided to bank some cash and bring in Hill from GWS and then finish off my defence with Whitfield. If Marshall is a viable option next week then I might bring him in. Thanks!
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    Round 19 Discussion and Trades

    Selfish question here: I am going for the league, 6 trades left with $300k in bank and 2 rookies left to upgrade. I can pick up Marshall in the FWD line but this would use all my cash, leaving 5 trades left. He is over $600k now, do I have to let him go?
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    Round 16 Discussion and Trades

    Any love for Jeremy Cameron this week? Has a decent run home and is well priced. Has had a quiet few weeks but usually bounces back after a spell like this.
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    Round 14 Discussion and Trades

    It would definitely help get a fully upgraded team with the lack of cash generation this season. It pains me to have to move on some of these rookies in the low $200's so I could use the cash elsewhere. I wonder if there will be a huge spike in viewing if/when Harley Bennell plays his first...
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    Round 13 Discussion and Trades

    At first glance he appears to be doing OK but maybe I’ll pick someone else. Thanks!