The Bye Rounds Begin! #SCCPodcast.2016-R13

Bye Rounds Begin!

The bye rounds begin this week, and headlining the discussion are injuries to popular premiums Nic Naitanui & Luke Dahlhaus.

We also discuss general trade advice for week 1 of the byes and review rookies: L.Austin, K.Stewart, J.Trengove, J.Jansen, J.Rose & W.Hams.


Inside this week’s show:

  • The Bye Rounds Begin: General trade advice for week 1
  • Rookie Trade-In Targets: Logan Austin, Kade Stewart, Jarrad Jansen, Jack Trengove, Marc Pittonet, James Rose, Will Hams
  • Injured Players: Nic Naitanui & Luke Dahlhaus
  • Top 6 Forwards

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