The Back Line Show: SuperCoach 2018 #SCCPodcast.PS5

back line elliot yeo supercoach 2018

Welcome to the fifth preseason podcast of SuperCoach 2018! We continue the positional shows with the back line.

SuperCoach 2018 marks the¬†10th season of SuperCoachCoach podcasts! Thank you to our AMAZING community for your support over the years ūüôā

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0:00 Introduction
1:57 Michael Hurley
2:52 Elliot Yeo
6:37 Backline Strategy
7:27 Rory Laird
8:03 Michael Hibberd
9:39 Jeremy Howe
10:51 Bachar Houli
11:35 Kade Simpson & Heath Shaw
15:24 Dylan Roberton
16:49 Shane Savage
19:27 Brandon Ellis
20:18 Jeremy McGovern
21:10 Alex Rance
21:58 Jake Lloyd
23:40 Luke McDonald
24:44 Jack Crisp
25:47 Jason Johannisen
26:37 Christian Salem
27:59 Dane Rampe
29:06 James Sicily
31:01 Andrew McGrath
32:57 Jake Kelly
33:55 Angus Brayshaw
34:29 Jackson Thurlow
35:43 Riley Bonner
36:43 Alex Pearce
37:33 Ciaran Byrne
38:26 Corey Ellis
40:01 Closing Thoughts

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