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    SuperCoachCoach #3 - Season 2018

    I’m in as Fitzroy Guerrillas SCC.
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    League Registration 2018 - Ranked SCC Leagues

    Fitzroy Guerrillas SCC 2017 - 5889 2016 - 4310 2015 - 7206 2014 - 1188 2013 - 1150 (approx)
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    About Wol & his Friends

    I reckon it's good Prospy! When I was a newborn, my older sister gave me a Charlie Brown soft toy. Always loved Peanuts and Charlie Brown ever since!
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    Lloyd and McInness. Question over McInness is job security. If he can hold his spot around the byes he looks very useful as a D/F with a R12 bye who has scored reasonably. His price being close to $150k makes him risky, given that Petrie and Lycett could be back in soon. Lloyd might have a...
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    Upgrade Targets

    I got on Ebert back in 2014 when he was on a big run and he went poorly for the rest of the year. He seems to be a better DT option for mine. T.Mitchell is looking a consistent option and is probably less affected by teammates than some of the other options.
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    Keep up the good work! There are a lot of good players on this site and great advice on the podcast that is thought provoking that leaves players with good information and insight into making their own decisions. Hopefully we keep up the good rankings!
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    FFGenie alternative

    I hear that @Prospector is going to manually calculate it all for us and post the results here every week.
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    2017 Open League Codes

    No Tasmanian league?
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    SuperCoachCoach #3 - Season 2017

    I'm in as Fitzroy Guerrillas.
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    League Registration 2017 - Ranked SCC Leagues

    4310 from me last year.
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    Tour de France

    So did anyone end up trying one of Gabriel Gate's recipes?
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    Tour de France

    Sounds like you've volunteered a prize for the SCC league given that the SBS prizes are white elephants.
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    Tour de France

    Is it just me or are the ads this year not as good as in past years?
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    Tour de France

    Looks like the mobile site is fully updated with scores. Our league is in fourth place.