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Welcome to the 3rd preseason #SCCPodcast of 2020! In this episode, we discuss the top 6 defenders and forwards from last year.


In our third episode for the year, we continue the preseason shows with discussion on the top 6 defenders and forwards from last year. Featuring new guest and elite veteran coach: Happy Racoon.

This year marks the 12th season of SuperCoachCoach podcasts! Thank you to our AMAZING community for your support over the years 🙂

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2020 SuperCoach Top 6 Defenders & Forwards Podcast Rundown:

  • Top 6 Defenders by Average: Jake Lloyd, Bachar Houli, Shannon Hurn, Zac Williams, Caleb Daniel, Tom Stewart
  • Top 6 Defenders by Total Points: Dane Rampe, Rory Laird, Daniel Rich, James Sicily
  • Top 6 Forwards by Average: Lachie Whitfield, Michael Walters, Dustin Martin, Gary Ablett, Isaac Heeney, Toby Greene
  • Top 6 Forwards by Total Points: Jack Ziebell, Tom Hawkins


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  • We discuss general SuperCoach strategy, pitfalls, advice and how to filter out “the noise”.


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