The Battle of the Bubble-Boys: Rioli vs Carroll vs Hamilton

cooper hamilton maurice rioli jnr jack carroll supercoach rookies bubble

Who wins the battle of the bubble-boys, featuring Rioli vs Carroll vs Hamilton. Marcus & FBDonkey analyse the most popular trade in and trade out candidates ahead of round 9.

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2021 SuperCoach Round 9 Podcast Rundown:

Players Discussed:

  • Maurice Rioli Jnr
  • Jack Carroll
  • Cooper Hamilton
  • Zach Reid
  • Rory Thompson
  • Greg Clark
  • Buku Khamis
  • Andrew Brayshaw
  • Zac Butters


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We recorded this patron exclusive after the pre-round 9 main recording. Topics include:

  • Darcy Cameron
  • Cleaning up non-playing players before the byes
  • Remaining boost strategy
  • Spending up versus saving dollars in the forward line


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