SuperCoach Preseason 2022 Patreon Exclusive: Positional Series & Team Picker

This preseason, we covered SuperCoach strategy for picking a starting side in the main #SCCPodcast.

For those looking for player specific content to help pick your side – support the show as a patron to unlock the bonus content below!


This year marks the 14th season of SuperCoachCoach podcasts! Thank you to our AMAZING community for your support over the years 🙂

This season, for our patrons, we recorded an episode each covering the best premium options across the four positions on ground in SuperCoach. One episode is dedicated to assessing the mid-pricers available across the field, including the implications to potential starting structures. Finally, we finish the preseason series with a video where we pick a ‘cookie cutter’ team, discuss various team configurations and how to pivot depending on the rookies that get named.


Click here Patron-Only Preseason Podcast 1: Midfielders
  • Players covered: Lachie Neale, Jack Steele, Jack Macrae, Clayton Oliver, Matt Rowell, Tom Mitchell, Touk Miller, Marcus Bontempelli, Christian Petracca, Jye Caldwell, Charlie Constable, Patrick Dangerfield, Darcy Parish
Click here Patron-Only Preseason Podcast 2: Rucks
  • Players covered: Brodie Grundy, Max Gawn, Sean Darcy, Braydon Preuss, Charlie Comben, Rowan Marshall, Sam Draper, Luke Jackson, Tim English, Callum Coleman-Jones, Peter Ladhams
Click here Patron-Only Preseason Podcast 3: Defenders
  • Players covered: Jake Lloyd, Lachie Whitfield, James Sicily, Jack Crisp, Jordan Ridley, Tom Stewart, Jordan Dawson, Jayden Short, Daniel Rich, Christian Salem, Brayden Maynard, Zac Williams, Luke Ryan, Jack Ziebell, Aaron Hall, Caleb Daniel, Bailey Dale, Key Defenders
Click here Patron-Only Preseason Podcast 4: Forwards
  • Players covered: Josh Dunkley, Zak Butters, Dustin Martin, Isaac Heeney, Tim Taranto, Adam Treloar, Mitch Duncan, Jordan De Goey, Zac Bailey, Tim English, Tarryn Thomas, Shai Bolton, Connor Rozee
Click here Patron-Only Preseason Podcast 5: Mid-Pricers
  • Players covered: George Hewett, Wayne Milera, Heath Chapman, Matt Rowell, Jarrod Berry, Jye Caldwell, Braydon Preuss, Jarrod Witts, Luke Jackson, Sam Draper, Stephen Coniglio, Will Brodie, Cam Rayner, Jade Gresham, Charlie Curnow, Tristan Xerri, Mitch McGovern, Hugo Ralphsmith, Tyson Stengle
Click here Patron-Only Preseason Podcast 6: Team Picker
  • As is tradition now, we get together before lockout to pick a team together to give you a bit of a template for selecting your own team.  It won’t be the exact team we’re each running come lockout – but it’s what we could agree upon together.  This year, we recorded it all (with a live screen share) so you can listen through our decision making process.

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  1. I’ve finally got a POD right! Picked Kennedy first up awkward price at 440. Hopefully another big game next week and everyone is scrambling to pick him up !!

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