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SuperCoach Must-Haves and Value Picks

This week we look at the SuperCoach must-haves and value picks to run out season 2015. Ablett and Goldstein look to be the top ‘must-have’ candidates, Kelly and Bartel the top value picks. We discuss all of them and more!


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SCC League Update – DOZEN OF THE TOP 24 (50%)!
SuperCoachCoach QQ – 1st (0)
SuperCoachCoach #1 – 2nd (0)
SuperCoachCoach KK – 3rd (0)
SuperCoachCoach 10 – 6th (-1)
SuperCoachCoach #2 – 7th (+2)
SuperCoachCoach AA – 8th (-1)
SuperCoachCoach #4 – 9th (-3)
SuperCoachCoach JJ – 10th (0)
SuperCoachCoachFBD – 15th (-4)
SuperCoachCoachVIC – 20th (-5)
SuperCoachCoach #3 – 21st (+1)
SuperCoachCoach CC – 24th (-5)

ROUND 16 #SCCPODCAST – SuperCoach Must-Haves and Value Picks

Are Gary Ablett and Todd Goldstein ‘must-haves’?

Are Luke Hodge or Liam Picken ‘must-haves’?

Who’s the best downgrade option this week? We look at Riley Knight, Tom Fields, Kyle Langford, Jayden Laverde, Taylor Garner, James Harmes and Hugh Goddard.

Is it worth trading Brodie Smith to value picks James Kelly or Nick Malceski?

What are the best options under $500k for the injured Jamie MacMillan?

Andrew Gaff or Steele Sidebottom?

Value Picks: Jimmy Bartel or Brendon Goddard?

R16 #SCCPodcast Rundown:

  • Must-Haves – G.Ablett, T.Goldstein, L.Hodge, L.Picken
  • Value Picks – J.Kelly, N.Malceski, J.Bartel, B.Goddard
  • Defenders – T.McDonald, A.Rance, B.Houli, C.Enright, K.Simpson, M.Hurley
  • Midfielders – S.Sidebotton, A.Gaff
  • Rookies – R.Knight, T.Fields, K.Langford, J.Laverde, T.Garner, J.Harmes, H.Goddard

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