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SuperCoach Finals 2015!

SuperCoach Finals 2015 kick off this week! If you’re a league player, this is what you’ve been keenly anticipating. We identify the teams with the best runs home for you this week, as well as look as replacements for the injured Dayne Beams & Ollie Wines. ft. Dimmawits


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SCC League Update
SuperCoachCoach #1 – 1st (-1)
SuperCoachCoach QQ – 4th (+1)
SuperCoachCoach KK – 5th (0)
SuperCoachCoach #2 – 6th (-1)
SuperCoachCoach #4 – 7th (-3)
SuperCoachCoach 10 – 8th (+1)
SuperCoachCoach AA – 9th (+1)
SuperCoachCoach JJ – 10th (+1)
SuperCoachCoachFBD – 13th (-5)

ROUND 18 #SCCPODCAST – SuperCoach Finals 2015

Before Finals discussion, we first look at who to trade for the injured Dayne Beams and Ollie Wines?

Dan Hannebery, Luke Parker, Matt Priddis, Joel Selwood, David Mundy, Trent Cotchin

We look at lone rookie-on-the-bubble Tom Barrass.

Then for the main topic of the week – SuperCoach Finals 2015. We look at the teams with the smoothest draws over the next four weeks, as well as the top picks from those teams!

R18 #SCCPodcast Rundown:

  • D.Beams & O.Wines Replacements D.Hannebery, L.Parker, M.Priddis, J.Selwood, D.Mundy, T.Cotchin
  • T.Barrass
  • SuperCoach Finals 2015!

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