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SuperCoach 2021 is back, and so are we!


This year marks the 13th season of SuperCoachCoach podcasts! Thank you to our AMAZING community for your support over the years 🙂

In our first show for the season, we kick off our preseason positional shows by going through the top picked players so far.

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2021 SuperCoach Top Picked Players, Podcast Rundown:

  • Top Picked Defenders: Jake Lloyd, Zac Williams, Rory Laird, Lachie Whitfield
  • Top Picked Midfielders: Matt Rowell, Lachie Neale, Patrick Cripps, Clayton Oliver
  • Top Picked Rucks: Brodie Grundy, Max Gawn, Rowan Marshall, Braydon Preuss
  • Top Picked Forwards: Dustin Martin, Patrick Dangerfield, Joe Daniher


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  • Joe Daniher, Jack Ziebell, Josh Dunkley, Steele Sidebottom
  • Bulldogs midfield congestion
  • 2021 rule changes


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Podcast Text:

Marcus: Welcome to the preseason one episode of the SuperCoachCoach podcast for season 2021. We are recording this on video for the first time and so if there’s oddities to the way we normally record that may be the reason why. This was on a whim so the recording may not go up. Especially if Mark starts taking his top off. But welcome back to the show.

FBDonkey: Yeah, good to be chatting with you too mate. I cant believe , what is this year 14 or something crazy. And I guess now you’ll just be able to see me rolling my eyes when I say something stupid.

Marcus:  I think I was 17 when we started this, so it’s almost half of my life.

FBDonkey: Wow.

Marcus: Anyway, that’s enough reminiscing probably for now. We are back for the first show. We’re not going to go through the positional stuff yet as we normally start with. Instead, we’re going to have a look at the top picked players.

I think it’s actually a pretty good starting point to understand where the temperature of the community is at. And we actually started using that as the starting point for our positional shows last year. I thought that worked quite well. We can touch on the hot button players and that may delve into a little bit more consideration around, how much you spend on the big name players versus where do you go for value, et cetera. And then we’ll have a think about how we execute the rest of the shows, whether we go back to a condensed positional show or something else. So I don’t know about yourself Mark, but finding the football media landscape very different in 2021 with 30 days or something out from the start of the season. And the momentum just isn’t the same, I think, as it used to be. There’s definitely less journos than they used to be right?

FBDonkey: Yeah. Didn’t they sack all the journos last year.

Marcus: Yes. So it’s something for us to be wary of as we head into this preseason. Also, there’s only going to be one game of preseason to head into 2021. If we thought that 2020 was the end of COVID, especially as it relates to SuperCoach planning, I think that’s going to not quite be the case. Certainly even in picking our teams, I don’t think we’ll ever have flown this blind. Even last year, we got a few more games to go off. The preseason was actually relatively smooth.

FBDonkey: Yeah and I think half this stuff is behind a paywall as well, which I refuse to pay for.  Going to be relying on social media, Twitter, the community and decentralized information like potentially this is an advantage.

Marcus: And we started to say that shift happened a little bit. Even with apps like discord, the discord community’s  relatively lively for the SuperCoach community. So if you’re feeling like jumping on board, links will be in the podcast details.  It’s just great to be able to have that instant feedback, be able to post some memes when your players are doing well. Especially during, injuries and late outs, like really love the few people on the community that were just pretty active in letting people know when they saw things. Previously we were having to think about getting an app to be able to do this stuff.  Yeah. Technology has certainly changed.

So before we get into the top picked players, Mark, did you want to just share any initial thoughts on 2021? Have you had a bit of a pick through your own team, or are you just mostly looking at players still? Was your team mostly bombers to start off with. I start with a lot of Geelong players, before they get culled.

FBDonkey: Well Geelong do have a lot of stars in their team mate, so I could understand that. No, not a lot of bombers players. I don’t actually think I have any.  I had Nick Cox in there just cause he’s one rookie that I know probably a bit more about. Andy McGrath  is potentially in consideration. Zach Merrett.

But realistically, my thoughts are, it all comes down to the rucks. Like everything that you do comes down to how you feel that R1 and R2. And that is pretty much a repeat of most years on this show. Getting those ruck decisions has been the thing we spent most time on pretty much every year even though it’s only two spots.  And there’s a lot of overpriced players.

Marcus:  That’s going to be a big one, the impact of season 2020 and the scaling of points due to the reduced time. Leading to a lot of overprice players potentially, just heading into 2021 reverting to  normal game time.

 That’s going to be interesting. I’ve heard people discuss that and the impact of scaling being more or less for different types of players like Bontempelli is obviously one that attracts a bit of scaling. So the scaling gets amped up even further, but how much can you really pick that to try and make better strategic decisions.

That’s reasonably questionable as well. But something to keep in mind as you’re looking through more from an overall team structure point of view is that there may be an opportunity to forego potentially some of those overpriced players and hope for a bit of a drop. But then you’ve always got the challenge of being able to bring them back in later on. So I’m sure when we get through some of these top picked players, that’s going to be some of the initial talking points. Alright, I do have to put a bit of a disclaimer out there.  I am currently seated my sister’s, which is in sunny new South Wales, which means I escaped the lockdown that  Mark you’re in at the moment. Fortunately after the last year’s training, we’re all seemt to pretty good with it. But what that means from recording point of view, I guess why I’m telling this otherwise redundant story , is that my sound quality might be a bit poorer.

Maybe one other thing to mention is that Mark is going traveling this year, which is super exciting, and next year as well. So if we keep doing these videos, it may be from pretty cool remote locations. We’ll have to see how the wifi is. So we may get more Mark, we may get less of Mark depending on how the internet situation works out.

Very excited for you mate, you’ve been talking about this for a little while. So take the family and travel about. What do you think, does that mean for your SuperCoach team? 

FBDonkey: Did talk to my wife about it and she thought it might mean more time on SuperCoach for her and for me.  Leaving my job to go traveling, you could say I’m going full-time supercoach, pro supercoach player, I’m not sure. Yeah, that is the plan. I think it will depend on internet. So I think that I’ll have more time for supercoach in some senses, but being like we only get 24 hours team notice. I’m not going to be deciding where I’d go based on having internet access on the weekend. Like I would in Melbourne.  We’ll see what happens. Be an adventure.

Marcus: We look forward to the updates on the road. We may have to have a segment Mark in front of large animals and fruits across Australia. That’s a thing, right? All right. Enough side chat. I guess people are here for some supercoach content, so we’ll get into it. And we’ll start maybe in the back line. We’ll still try and tackle this positionally,  rather than just going through the whole varied list. We’ll start off with the most big picked player in the back line, who is unsurprisingly, maybe surprisingly, Jake Lloyd, 48.6% of teams at time of recording. I guess we should mention this is Tuesday the 16th of February. Now the price point, absolutely massive $656. Averaged 120 plus last year and was an absolute crusher if you did not have him, and I was one of those. It makes me think that I should bite the bullet and start him. Sometimes when you see such a huge differential in scoring it tends to be a pretty good reason to pick them up. And with his level of consistency, it’s another boon in terms of defenders normally ebbing and flowing a bit more.

Luke Ryan’s maybe a guy you can rely on dropping a poor game once in a while , as a more tall defender. Versus Jake Lloyd, who’s doing kick outs and there’s rule changes now so that the kick-out distance is even further. So he’s got even more license to run and gun from the backline. What do you reckon about Lloyd mate, is he locked in your team?

FBDonkey: Definitely not locked. I think you made a pretty good case for him right then though. just literally went and put him into my time.  You’d expect Lloyd to be 600. He’s 650. That’s not a crazy differential. It’s 10%, maybe a little bit less than 10% for a guy that looks like he should easily be top player or top two on the line. I have a long history of not rating Jake Lloyd at all as a player but loved having him in my team last year. And he had a huge impact on a successful season.  It really depends on how you rate the players around him. At this stage he is probably 50 50 for my team.

Marcus: I think the only reason you might leave him off is the temptation to  really lean into that overpriced situation. Does Jake Lloyd really look more like a 115 player rather than a 120 player in a non 2020 time affected year? And therefore, if you can get him out averaging 110 for a little bit, that’s already a 12 point difference.

 Then to your previous point, Mark, do you risk that potential discount later in the season versus just starting him. I’m sure lots of people will go through that consideration. And 50 50 reflects his ownership stats at the moment and certainly higher than most other players that you’d consider.

All right. Next guy, Zac Williams, 42.5%, crossover to Carlton now . injuries is certainly a concern, something that we try to factor in when we’re making a selection, but he’s moving up into the midfield for Carlton which is particularly exciting. What do you reckon, Mark?

FBDonkey: Absolutely lock. I just think he’s shown when he’s playerd midfield for the Giants before that he can score very big. So a huge upside, new club. We’ve seen a lot of players go to a new club and be really good in their first year. He’s A player that I’ve liked for a really long time. You get a price discount on that injury factor.  What percent of teams is he in? 42%. That’s too low.

Marcus: Yeah, he’s my first picked defender  in the premo spot so easy choice there for me as well. The next player, Rory Laird. A tale of two halves was season 2020 for Rory. He’s currently in 40.8% of teams. So most people are looking toward his second half of the season when he was unleashed in the midfield. Now with the sea change that’s happening in Adelaide, you would think that may continue into 2021. And I have a feeling that’s why a lot of people have piled him in. Some of the scores in the back end of that season were huge. He already spent a bit of midfield time angling toward that even in seasons prior. And DEF/MID flexibility is pretty nice. 564,000 does carry some risk though, but he is pretty damn consistent.  Has been the top three, four defender for years now. What do you  reckon about Laird, Mark?

FBDonkey: Big Rory Laird fan. I had him in his rookie year and he was good to me back then. And most of the time he’s been good to me since. He averaged 108 in 2018 as a halfback flanker so it wasn’t just a once-off average of 105 last year. Definitely started the slowly in a pretty crappy team . reports out at the moment that he will continue in the midfield role. He’s so good at it that you would  understand that . Brad Crouch has left the club so I very much expect him to continue in that role, and you’re basically getting someone that is a top two midfielder at their club in defense with a proven scoring history and with the discount because he had a different role for the first half of last year. That’s just way too many reasons to pick him. Yeah, him and Williams, a hundred percent locked in at the moment unless there’s injury news.

Marcus: I’m still a little bit worried about his role consistency across the whole season.  I’m not quite on the lock status, but he certainly picked ahead of Lloyd at the moment for me.

We’ve talked about three great options, three standout options in the backline, and that’s already quite a lot of spots filled and looking at the ownership stats, you actually see a fairly significant drop-off in percentage ownership after that. THe next highest is Lachie Whitfield. 22.3. Then you’re looking at Wayne Milera at 16.9, then Tom Stewart at 12% of teams at the moment. These three are the standout options. Lachie whitfield, should note , had a problem with his liver. So we wish him all the best in getting better  but there’s no defined return and internal organs are pretty serious. Who knows what his status is for now.  Probably will start dropping in the ownership stakes a little bit, but if he does come good in the pre-season,  he would be pretty tempting as well. There’s a bit of discount attached to his head compared to his max potential as well.

FBDonkey: Absolutely.

Marcus: Alright, let’s move into the midfield where the big guns are. Now a bit more of a spread here, not the same standout options. Oh actually, when you remove the mid Forwards and the mid backs, maybe there’s a couple of guys that really do stand out. Matt rowell and Lachie Neale both in above 50% of teams at the moment.

Lachie Neale, second most expensive player after Maxie Gawn. Last year, if you didn’t start with him, it really hurt, and the same was true in the previous year. So Lachie Neale starts like an absolute house on fire. If you’re going to pick Lachie Neale, starting him has tended to be a good bet. We’ve talked about Jake Lloyd, who I’m sure we’re going to be pretty tempted by, the ruck options, and we’ve got Dangerfield and Martin and Dunkley and the Foward line this year. That really starts to make you think whether or not you should be paying that same price premium for a midfield ultra gun when there are potentially more replaceable options with a little bit of value left. But Neale I’m sure will tempt and make most sides as he is currently more popular than Lloyd at the moment.

FBDonkey: Still haven’t totally landed on a position. I think that one thing, you’ve got to consider with these guys is you need two or three really reliable captain options. So probably at least two that you’d be happy to go in with a VC already played, done crap, and you’re just going in with a captain.

You’d want two players that you’d be happy to do that with , and so paying up for one super premium midfield seems it could make sense just purely from that perspective . whether that’s exactly Lachie Neale or not, I’m not totally sure.  I mean there’s not exactly huge competition for him.  So from that perspective, there’s a really good chance that Neale makes my team. Is he the new super premium scoring midfielder or was last year a bit of an aberration ? it could be both. I know that’s a strange answer, but he could go average high 120s, early 130s. It could have been a transition period last year for Lachie Neale. I think he’s had his first match simulation in the last couple of days because of a calf injury, I really don’t like the sound of calf injuries. That is something that can linger and make it a bit tricky for players. Not in my current team, still some chance of making it . 50% ownership seems about right.

Marcus: All right. That’s pretty similar to Lloyed then. I am more likely to go Lloyd than Neale. Probably more likely to go Neale than the four mid forward options though. But rucks is where I want to spend up, I think I’d be tempted by either a Gawn, or betting on Grundy returning to Gawn-ish numbers, rather than picking Neale at this stage, especially with the calf injury. I don’t really need to many excuses to try and seek out a little bit of value. But I’ve been burnt two years in a row not picking Neale.  And it torpedoes your season when you start without him and he goes on fire. Like you’re literally then in a hole and you spend the rest of the season climbing out, which is not that fun.

FBDonkey: It’s less likely to do it this season though, starting at 720. So for the last few years, he’s put you in a hole because he’s started like with some value, but when you’re paying 720 for someone, it’s hard for them to totally burn you.

Marcus: Yeah, the only thing I think that is a bit riskier is the captaincy stakes. And if he starts off with a few 170s.  When the 170s get magnified a couple of times, and you had a Grundy doing 120 instead, that’s a hundred points in successive weeks pretty quickly. But that’s a good point there. Surprisingly, he’s not actually the most highly picked. It’s Rowell, which obviously everybody loved after the last year, 53.7% of teams at the moment. 495,000 means he’s got potential , plenty of price potential there. His preseason hasn’t been completely smooth, right? Like it’s still a bit of a return from his injury thing, but everyone’s just looking at that upside. What was it? His first game was just average and then the next three, polled Brownlow votes and BOGs. So I understand the temptation, he’s certainly in my side at the moment, but it’s pretty unprecedented, right?

FBDonkey: Fairly unprecedented given the injury . I guess the situation that I’m looking at is probably the player that really stood out to me was Clayton Oliver. Oliver looked good in his first year, but then went 111 in his second season and not having him was a pretty big cost for people that didn’t start with him, and a huge advantage to those that did. And so that if you’ve got 111 from Rowell, like that would be amazing, that would be such a brilliant result at 500,000.

So is that possible? If Clayton Oliver can do it, why can’t Rowell?  He’s probably in my team at the moment. Again, there’s no certainties at this stage but I definitely do understand why everyone’s picking him. Definitely you’re expecting something that happens extremely rarely. There are not many players that can average over a hundred in their second season or especially proper premium numbers of 110. that’s pretty rare breed. You’re talking top elite level of the AFL and Rowell looks like he could be that guy.

Marcus: Yeah, certainly helps that gold coast started to look a lot more competitive last year, especially when he was in the team.  It helps when you are trying to pick a breakout and they’re not dabbling from the bottom so that’s another plus.

Next player, patty Cripps, 38.3% of teams, 523,000. Last year was a huge abberation. Certainly a bit injury effect you would think, but it’s also a little bit concerning that it looks like it gets injured cause he just gets piled on all the time as the sole hand. Carlton have got some help across the off-seasons and they also should be improving overall . They have shown good progress. So hopefully that load continues to lift, but not just that, you think Cripps is a proud great player. He’ll want to bounce back from last year as well. You can understand, again, why lots of people are picking him.

Cripps , he’s in my team at the moment. It’s pretty hard to see me not starting him barring some injury news.

FBDonkey: I was thinking Sam Walsh when I first opened super coach and looked through. I thought he could be prime to step it up a little bit in his third season. I wouldn’t be Cripps and Walsh. And I looked at Cripps and how old is he? He is 25 years old. He’s gone 119 and 117 in the previous two seasons and then had a 97. For a 25 year old, if they’re fit and they’ve averaged over 115 two years previously, the chances of that working out are very good. And so I just think probabilistically, you probably have to pick him just purely off those numbers.

Marcus: I think he’s probably actually an easier selection than the last two we’ve talked about in terms of the type of risk reward equations that we tend to gravitate toward Mark.

FBDonkey: Similar price to Rowell, but has numbers on the board.

Marcus: All right, next player, you’ve already touched on him – clayton Oliver. Last year, his first half of the season, he wasn’t really blowing people away. but that consistency and then started to punch the biggest scores. Petracca playing in the midfield didn’t seem to hurt him. Neither did the return of Jack Viney, both of which are positive news because that’s a lot of midfield  bulls that might take away some points from contested possessions.

Picture of consistency is Clayton, look at his career since the breakout  , he is pretty much a bonafide for the top eight. He’s probably the one that I’m least likely to start of these four though. But when you look at the different options, to be honest , Clayton has been in my team half the time.  I just don’t see a huge level of upside to him. The type of game that he plays, 125 seems pretty good. Like we don’t tend to see people doing 130 who are  predominantly handballers or the grunt midfielders . Granted he can put some Kms on, but he’s not a goal scorer, he’s not a penetrating kick. You gave me a bit of a signal there. What do you reckon then Mark?

FBDonkey: I think he does score goals, doesn’t he? What it he score last year? Nup doesn’t score many goals.  I think he relies super hard on his big games, or he did last year, so 177 and 205. And without that, he was just really consistent and he’s great at pumping out the 130s. The thing I like about Clayton is, he’s the sort of player that he’ll be on 50 halfway through the second quarter and still manage to post a hundred in his bad games . Can get attention and struggle with that but he’s absolutely primed age wise. The only reason you’d go backwards in scoring is because injury or the fact that maybe last year was an exception and everyone’s scores were inflated.

He was coming off shoulder surgery at the start of last year, that might explain why he had a bit of a slow start.  It’s him or Neale for me. I’ll go with one of those two guys. 

Marcus: That bracket?

FBDonkey: Yeah, I think that he is, I just think he’s the right age and the right sort of player and just has that potential upside. He’s a very chance of making my side.

Marcus: In terms of likelihood to fluctuate in price, of the four we’ve covered, certainly got the lowest basement based on his consistency. And that’s always something to think about because that means he doesn’t really offer himself up as a cheap buying opportunity like some of the other players would.

Alright, in terms of pure mids, that’s actually the only four that are in above 20% of teams. Tempted to talk about Hately or Steele or Taranto, who are just underneath there, but we will leave that for another time.

FBDonkey: Taranto seems like he should be over 50%.

Marcus: That’s a spicy nugget we can return to. Keep your ears tuned. Let’s go to the rucks, Mark.

Rowan marshall, 48.3% of teams. The question is though, whether or not you take him as one of your ruck starting spots because you don’t want to pay full price with Brody Grundy and Gawn, who are 650 and 750 respectively. Marshall at the 550 gives you a little bit of a discount and an easy pivot to your forward line down the track. Ruck/Forward is always fantastic, especially when it’s elite.  He’s probably the most obvious pick for me. Yeah, first picked actually.

FBDonkey: That is a big call. Not one that I totally disagree with though.

So I think it’s either you start him forward or you start him in the rucks if you really can’t make up your mind about what you’re going to do with the rucks. Yeah,  I think he’ll start in every serious team.

Marcus: Alright, next – Brody Grundy, 46.5. Gawn is actually 37.9%. Last year’s big dog – yeah. Mark, you’re making the dollar signs at me. Yes, he is expensive. And that, I agree. That’s why I Brody’s in my team ahead of Gawn as well at the moment. I don’t see myself paying for Grundy, Neale and Gawn. Especially if you want the Lloyd types as well. Potentially I may be incorrect about that depending on where the season goes, but at this stage, that’s where I’m sitting. And Grundy for me is easily –  he went backwards last year, his average, which is odd. One of the players that talked about not handling the hub in the same way as when he has his normal work life balance, which is understandable. Presents value, still top 2 ruck, especially once you pivot Marshall forward.  Pretty locked. How about your Mark?

FBDonkey: I can’t make my mind up what I’m going to do. The top five, I find really tricky to work out. Gawn, Grundy, Marshall, Riley O’Brien, or Preuss. There’ll be two of those five .

Grundy – I think that Darcy Cameron being in the side for the second half of the year seemed to have a really big impact on him and I guess it depends whether they’re going to continue to play that structure. Cameron was okay last year. So that’s probably the only doubt in my mind, but 130, 130, 120 in a year where he said that he’s struggled a bit. It’s hard not to pick Grundy at 648. So I think you made some really good points. He is probably still 50 50 for my team, and I don’t have him clearly ahead of Gawn.

Marcus: So Gawn’s not actually made my side once in the short period we’ve had so far. What’s your percentage likelihood at this stage?

FBDonkey: 30ish on  Gawn. It’s tricky, cause he’s clearly overpriced based on last year.  I don’t expect him to average that again this year. But then you factor in – well, he’s a captain option, like a genuine game changing captain option that could totally set up your season. He could  Have a much poorer season than last year and still be 20 points more than the other sort of ruckman that you’re going to put in that spot.

So from that perspective, potentially he comes in a little bit like Lloyd right? He’s 50k too  expensive, but he’s way ahead in his position, and what’s 50K when you’re looking at that level of price range.  You can’t keep overpaying for  players but at times you can pay premiums, especially if they are a captain option or really clearly number one in their position.

Marcus: Alright, the last guy we’re going to talk about in this section is Preuss whose in above 30%. After that there’s a big drop off actually, NicNat’s the next highest at 8.5%. I think can understand why people are looking at him finally may get an opportunity but they’ve still got Mumford there.

 I don’t know that he plays all 22 games and therefore I’d still be a little bit worried about the chance of missing, considering the ability to sub in the ruck line. So it does come with some risks, but obviously value in the rucks has been a proven strategy. He can be a step ladder to maxi Gawn . Hasn’t made my side yet. But we do like ruck value, Mark.

FBDonkey: Do we ? we’ve definitely made the decision to go with ruck value almost every time that it’s been presented in the past and it has really worked out  a couple of times. But it’s also been bloody painful sometimes too. And there’s definitely been more than one season, where as the result of making that decision to go with value, we’ve used multiple trades in the ruck. I’m trying to fix that. So from that perspective, I probably won’t go Preuss, because I think the price to point benefit is probably a little bit tricky. If he was 250, I think he’s pretty obvious. I think at 300, it’s really hard for a player to be a good choice. They have to be averaging premium numbers and in the ruck that’s 110. I don’t expect him to be averaging 110.

He could definitely surprise me. I don’t completely hate the pick. He probably won’t end up in my team. He was in my first draft but I’m going to try to avoid the temptation this year mate.

Marcus: Yeah. I’m definitely leaning that way as well. Let’s go forward then. We’ll  go to the dynamic duo , almost an inevitability that they make most sides throughout the year – Dusty Martin and Paddy Dangerfield. DUsty 37.8. Paddy 30.2% of teams at the moment.

Paddy comes a little bit more expensive at the 612 mark and Dusty around the 542. Dusty has actually not been as big a scorer considering his quality . You think Dusty was always going to be a 120 once he hit his straps, but plays are relatively selfless role for Richmond.

But I can see the reason why people have gone with both of these candidates, because in terms of getting on field – the durability, Mark? You shook your head there. Durability is off the charts I think.

FBDonkey: Dusty for sure.

Marcus: Not Paddy? Paddy has only really missed one game here and there in the last few years. Plays injured a lot.

FBDonkey: He does play injured a lot. Well both of them do, that’s why they don’t miss lots of games because both of them get on the park and get up every week cause they’re so important for their teams. And they do sacrifice themselves as you’ve said. I think that out of the two Dusty’s a clear favourite to make my team. I think he has significantly less upside but far better durability. Just going forward, I think rather than just like purely looking back.

Dangers had a pretty tricky preseason. Seems to have been probably carrying injuries for most of the last couple of years, even though he’s played every week . He injured himself in the grand final.

Was it a knee injury or something like that? Yeah so I think danger is like 610,000, which is a lot of money. With dusty, it’s fun when he’s in your team but he’s not an exciting pick at that price. Do you pay 550,000 for a player that’s going to average between a 100 and 105 and probably play every week. It seems like a pretty good deal, but it doesn’t seem like a – oh, this is going to win me superCoach pick.

Marcus: I actually have had them both come in more when I’m looking at a safe option. When I’m getting a bit of cold feet on how many value forwards you can try your hand on, there’s a few we won’t get to today – Dunkley, Sidebottom, Heeney, Rozee. There’s quite a lot of tempting guys.

But, yeah, I agree with you. Both actually, probably not been in my team a heap at this stage but will be more likely as we get closer to lockout. We try and close out the risk profile of the team to be somewhat sensible.

Paddy probably only thing to note, apart from what you’ve said, and I think the injury point is very sound  , is that with Jeremy Cameron that might reduce some of his needs to go play as a second tall forward and that really does affect Paddy’s scoring. If Paddy plays in the midfield, I’m pretty sure you can still average 115, even all banged up.

There’s not a heap of midfield replacement for him. Like we do want him there, we just didn’t have a forward. So if he ends up playing midfield, it may be a mistake not picking him. But then again, interrupted preseason is probably a red flag enough.

FBDonkey: Yeah, it’s tricky to say. What he’s averaged 110 plus every season, except for one season in the last nine years and he’s had super durability and he’s available as a forward with a potential role change to the midfield. That is a very bullish argument for danger. Maybe he’ll show something in the preseason and I’ll change my mind, but at the moment he’s a clear no.

Marcus: All right. There’s actually more juicy players I want to talk about, but we’ve spent quite a bit of time on this show, especially with some technical difficulties trying this video chat stuff. So we’ll call it there. maybe we’ll just let you tell us  whether or not you’ll pick Joey? The rest you will have to wait to discuss – Ziebell, Dunkley and Sidebottom. Cause we gotta put aside some time to talk to our patrons as well.

Just a little spruik for that, cause we haven’t yet. If you want to support the show, we record bonus content for our patrons as a massive thank you to keep us going. We would have shut the show down actually a while ago, if not for our patrons. And we record custom content to reflect that appreciation, and hopefully give a few extra nuggets . Tends to contain some of the higher level strategy that we may not get to and some of our more out there theories will go on that show, as well as a Mark ragging on me. So if you want to listen to that, make sure you sign up We’ll be going to discuss our initial teams, impact of season 2020 more broadly , talk about the rule changes, so I wanna leave some time on that.

So to finish Mark, Joey Daniher – 233,000. He’s played all the scratch matches apparently.

FBDonkey: Oh mate, almost made me swear. I’m pretty shattered to be honest. It’s going to be painful. If he goes well this year, it’s going to be extremely painful as an Essendon supporter. I’ll probably hedge that by putting him in my SuperCoach team so I can cope emotionally every week with him kicking goals.   If he’s playing and he’s fit, which everything indicates so far that’s true, then I think he’s a pretty easy selection.

Marcus: We are going to call it there. I’ve got to do some admin stuff so the people can join groups, our league, et cetera. Don’t forget. We’ve got a discord. We’ve got a community forum on And you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.  Jump on, get involved. Thanks for joining us again to kick off season 2021. There’s going to be a flurry of content because I think this is probably one of our slowest starts to the year, but everybody else has been pretty slow too.

Thanks again for joining us and catch you again soon.

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