Rucks & Preseason Recap: SuperCoach 2021 #SCCPodcast.PS6

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SuperCoach 2021 is back, and so are we!


This year marks the 13th season of SuperCoachCoach podcasts! Thank you to our AMAZING community for your support over the years 🙂

In our sixth episode for the year, Marcus & FBDonkey finish the preseason series with the rucks and a recap on how SuperCoach preseason 2021 has unfolded.

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2021 SuperCoach Rucks & Preseason Recap, Podcast Rundown:

  • 2021 Starting Team Balance
  • Approaching Value in SuperCoach
  • Rucks: Gawn & Grundy
  • Rucks: Taking a Mid-pricer
  • Rucks: Rookie R2 & Risk Considerations
  • Looking Back: What Has Changed Across Preseason 2021
  • To Be Unique or Not?


Click here for PS6: Patron-Only Bonus Podcast
  • FBDonkey & Marcus pick their Patreon team together. This year, we recorded it all (with a live screen share) so you can listen through our decision making process.  We think this is the best preseason primer we have created to date, hope you enjoy it!


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