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rory sloane out

Déjà vu! Rory Sloane OUT for 4-6 weeks after fracturing his cheekbone for the second time this year. We run through all the plays.


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The season from hell continues! Following in the footsteps of Rockliff this season, Rory Sloane has fractured his cheekbone again, setting him for another stint of 4-6 weeks on the sidelines. Also this week: Stefan Martin suspended for two weeks, and what to do without cover.

SCC League Update:
SuperCoachCoach #1 – 1st (0)
SuperCoachCoach QQ – 2nd (0)
SuperCoachCoach KK – 3rd (-1)
SuperCoachCoach #2 – 6th (-2)
SuperCoachCoach AA – 7th (-)
SuperCoachCoach 10 – 8th (-3)
SuperCoachCoach #4 – 10th (-10)
SuperCoachCoach JJ – 11th (-2)
SuperCoachCoach #3 – 22nd (-2)
SuperCoachCoachVIC – 23rd (-7)
SuperCoachCoachFBD – 24th (-3)
SuperCoachCoach CC – 27th (-6)
SuperCoachCoach BB – 33rd (+7)

Before deciding on potential replacements for R.Sloane, first we ask: keep or trade?

For individuals strapped for cash, we look at the best value replacements.

For those with a bankroll, the question instead becomes – who will score the most?

S.Martin suspended, and most coaches without ruck cover, we ponder trading out S.Martin vs trading in cover, and compare Shaun McKernan vs Max Gawn

R13 #SCCPodcast Rundown:

  • R.Sloane Injured – Keep or trade, value & top-scoring replacements
  • S.Martin Suspended – Trading out Martin vs trading in cover, M.Gawn vs S.McKernan
  • Rookies – A.Neal-Bullen, J.Steele, K.Lambert, N.Holman
  • Keep/Trade – M.Wallis & P.Cripps

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