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Marcus & FBDonkey return from a coronavirus SuperCoach slumber with a special episode. We cover the various strategic implications following the changes COVID-19 have ushered in.

We review round 1 with an eye to the future and discuss how you should be approaching your five trades, including what to prioritise in this mini ‘team reset’.

Thank you for joining us in what is a trying time for many, and for your ongoing support 🙂

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Return from Coronavirus SuperCoach Special; Podcast Rundown:

  • Round 1 review
  • New rules: COVID-19
  • Trade strategy
  • Correction trades
  • Rookie job security
  • Good value trades
  • Trading to change team structure
  • The new fixture: R2-R5
  • Downtime considerations


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One Comment

  1. Firstly I would just like to say Thanks for the Podcast Marcus and FBDonkey. I have been a long time listener (4 years) and seldom poster.

    I really loved how this week you didn’t give specific trading selections, but talked on your thoughts to the new looks season and around the tactics, using 5 trades available and throwing caution to the wind.

    This is an exciting time in the history of SuperCoach and one we can look back on with new stats and insights.

    This weeks selections have thrown a massive joker in the pack and I bet every superCoacher is feeling like they have a chance this year. To your points there will be a lot of traders regret come the end of the weekend, but the cookie cutter has been thrown out and only the brave will win SC this year.

    Thanks for being so passionate about the game we love and giving up your time.

    May the captains choice fall your way this week, and you loophole a ton onto your fields.

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