Resisting the Post-R1 SuperCoach Panic #SCCPodcast.R2-2019

post-r1 supercoach panic tom rockliff

Dunny & Brice join Marcus for their first #SCCPodcast of 2019: the post-R1 SuperCoach panic-cast!


Post round 1, the theme is consistent each year – trying to resist the panic, sit on our hands, wait for another week of information and refrain from throwing out our preseason research after only one round.

We reveal our teams, discuss potential correction trades, trade-in targets, and finish by looking at the captaincy options for round 2.

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Post-R1 SuperCoach Panic-cast Rundown:

  • Team reveals
  • Post R1 trade advice
  • Potential correction trades? Sam Collins, Zach Merrett, Max Gawn, Brodie Grundy, Noah Balta
  • Potential trade-in targets? Tom Rockliff, Dom Sheed
  • Overrated vs Underrated? Callum Mills
  • Captain’s Corner

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  1. Love your podcasts fellas, but maybe too much time repeating the same point 4 times over. Eg Potential correction trades Sorry guys, love everything else

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