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Considering we have got a heap of new listeners on-board our community this year – this week, FBDonkey & I present our guide to SuperCoach bye strategy.


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If you haven’t been through the byes with us before, this is the episode for you! FBDonkey & I spend most of this week’s show discussing SuperCoach bye strategy for the next few rounds, and in the process ‘debunk’ some of the myths when it comes to SuperCoach bye strategy.

At SCC, we do pride ourselves on how we come out of the byes and we want to help you kick-butt through this hectic period too!

A quick shout-out to our leagues who are KILLING IT these last few weeks:
SuperCoachCoach #1 – 1st
SuperCoachCoach QQ – 2nd
SuperCoachCoach 10 – 4th
SuperCoachCoach KK – 6th
SuperCoachCoach AA – 7th
SuperCoachCoach #2 – 12th
SuperCoachCoachFBD – 14th
SuperCoachCoach BB – 18th
SuperCoachCoach #4 – 19th
SuperCoachCoachVIC – 21st
SuperCoachCoach JJ – 24th

After talking bye strategy, we rack our brains for downgrade options as we will soon be needing the cash for upgrades in the next two weeks. Andrew BostonJoel HamlingTom Clurey, & Alex Pearce are mulled over. Then, looking to get a bit more ‘creative’, we look at Karl Amon despite his existing price rises:

Getting even more ‘creative’, we consider trading in ‘non-playing’ players in Jack Steele and Kane Lambert. Would that be crazy before the byes?

Furore at Ryan Griffen boils over just before the byes, but would trading now just be foolish?

Round 13 options: Joel SelwoodOllie Wines, Callan WardAdam Treloar, & Dylan Shiel are compared, with some coaches looking to finish off one last upgrade before the byes.

Finally, Todd Goldstein bottoms out on the trade table:

R10 #SCCPodcast Rundown:

  • SuperCoach Bye Strategy – our definitive guide
  • Rookies – in search of downgrades
  • R.Griffen – keep/trade?
  • D.Shiel v C.Ward v A.Treloar v O.Wines v J.Selwood
  • T.Goldstein – premier ruck

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