Navigating Limited Downgrades & Injured Premiums #SCCPodcast R10 2021

Navigating Limited Downgrades Isaac Heeney Rowan Marshall Toby Greene Jack Bowes AFL SuperCoach

Marcus & FBDonkey discuss this week’s key topics: what to do with the injured Marshall, Bowes & Greene, scraping the bottom of the rookie barrel, rolling the dice on Heeney & Hogan, plus much more on trading strategy!

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2021 SuperCoach Round 10 Podcast Rundown:

???? What to do with the injured Rowan Marshall, Jack Bowes & Toby Greene?
???? Choosing which rookies to cash out, including Tom Powell & Chad Warner
⌛️ Is it too late to jump on Riley Collier-Dawkins, Caleb Poulter & Ryan Byrnes?
???? Scraping the bottom of the rookie barrel including Lachie Jones, Tanner Bruhn, Ronin O’Connor, Kieren Briggs, Finlay Macrae, Cody Weightman
???? How to approach trading strategy with the lack of downgrade options this week
???? Is it worth rolling the dice on Isaac Heeney or Jesse Hogan?
???? Should we consider not trading this week?


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FBDonkey joins Marcus for a patron-exclusive, 22 minute bonus discussion on:

  • Top Midfield targets: Lyons vs Bontempelli vs Guthrie vs Duncan vs Steele vs Walsh vs Oliver vs Merrett
  • Value Midfield targets: Kelly vs Mitchell
  • Is Sam Docherty back to being the real deal in 2021
  • Picking premiums in a barren forward landscape: Hall vs Hind vs Hawkins vs Cameron vs Heeney vs Hogan
  • Bye considerations


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