Luxury Trades & Under-performing Premiums #SCCPodcast.2018-R20

lance buddy franklin luxury trades supercoach 2018

This week’s key topics: luxury trades, under-performing premiums including BuddyHogan Walters, and SuperCoach finals league strategy!


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  • When do I start making luxury trades?
  • Luxury upgrades vs loophole trading
  • Underperforming Premiums: Luke RyanLance Franklin, Jesse Hogan, Michael Walters, Jarrod Witts
  • Nathan Fyfe still injured: is it time to trade him?
  • SuperCoach Finals League Strategy
  • Overrated/Underrated: Rhys StanleyZach MerrettGary Ablett, Jack Darling, Mitch Wallis
  • Rookies: Jarrod LiernertKane Farrell, Jordan DawsonLiam Baker
  • Captains’ Corner


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