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Round 5 #SCCPodcast - Hodge, Lewis, Kelly Trade Options

Three SuperCoach premiums were injured/
suspended as a result of the round 5 action.
Headlining this week’s show: 
Hodge, Lewis & Kelly trade options.


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It’s just FBDonkey and Marcus for this round 5 episode, and we are both in great spirits after coming out of lock-out with 7 leagues in the top 20, and 20 in the top 1%! We start as we do each week, with the more pressing concerns. This week, we look at Hodge, Lewis & Kelly trade options.

James Kelly is out for at least three weeks with a ruptured testicle. Meanwhile, Luke Hodge has been suspended for three weeks and Jordan Lewis suspended for two. Both suffered serious brain fades on the weekend.

Despite being injury/suspension-free, many of our community also want to know what the hell to do with Ryan Griffen and Jack Newnes?

Another ‘value pick’, Daniel Rich‘s price has also started to plateau. But his coaches are wondering: is it too early to be moving on him?

After another strong showing on the weekend, and with Port Adelaide’s draw opening up, Patrick Ryder has also been hot on the lips this week:

We wrap up the week by considering the legitimacy of ‘value premiums’ during upgrade season, with a few legitimate options to consider this week:

Round 5 Summary:

  • Injury/Suspension Concerns – J.Kelly, L.Hodge, J.Lewis
  • Keep/Trade? – J.Newnes, R.Griffen, D.Rich, C.Salem
  • Bargain Options – The best value picks!
  • P.Ryder & T.Bellchambers – R/F cover

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