JJ Injured, Rookie Trades & More #SCCPodcast.2016-R5

jj injured

With JJ injured, this week we start by canvassing the best premium backline replacements.

We also discuss four hard-to-split backline rookies on-the-bubble (Ruggles, Byrne, Byrne-Jones, Wagner), as well as look at potential rookie and mid-priced trade-out candidates.

Inside this week’s show:

  • JJ Injured: Premium replacements for Jason Johannisen
  • Stefan Martin: Keep or trade?
  • Potential rookie trade-outs: Tom Papley, Wayne Milera, George Hewett, Ryan Davis, Mitch Brown, Corey Menadue, Ben Kennedy
  • Potential rookie trade-ins: Tom Ruggles, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Josh Wagner, Ciaran Byrne
  • Also this week: Jesse Lonergan, Zac Smith, Michael Barlow, Tom McDonald, Jarrad Waite, Justin Westhoff

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