How to Best Navigate Grundy’s Injury and Selecting Rookies to Trade Out

brodie grundy injured clayton oliver christian petracca supercoach

Marcus & FBDonkey discuss the best way to navigate Grundy’s injury and review the potential rookie trade out candidates ahead of round 7.

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2021 SuperCoach Round 7 Podcast Rundown:

Players Discussed:

  • Patrick McCartin
  • Joshua Rachele
  • Jason Horne-Francis
  • Jack Hayes
  • Brodie Grundy
  • Sam Hayes
  • Braydon Preuss
  • Max Gawn
  • Clayton Oliver
  • Christian Petracca
  • Jack Steele


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We recorded this patron exclusive after the pre-round 7 main recording. Topics include:

  • What to do with Tim English?
  • Is cashing in Jarrod Witts crazy?
  • Ranking Callum Mills, Touk Miller, Jack Steele & Clayton Oliver
  • Connor Rozee vs Luke Parker vs Jordan DeGoey
  • Is Alex Witherden a legitimate upgrade target?


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