Hibberd, Heeney & Downgrade Rookie Options #SCCPodcast.2017-R7


Marcus & FBDonkey discuss this week’s key topics: what to do with suspended offenders Greene & Nankervis, which rookies to cash in and who to downgrade to.

We also review the most popular premium trade-in targets for the week, including Hibberd & Heeney on the bubble.


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0:00 Intro
5:55 Toby Greene
8:02 Toby Nankervis
12:48 Rookies to cash out: Otten v Marchbank v Hampton, Houston, Butler, McGrath, Parfitt, Bowes
16:42 Rookies on the bubble: Melican, Vickers-Willis, McNiece, Parsons, Black, Myers
21:12 Dayne Beams
22:40 Michael Hibberd
25:51 Isaac Heeney
29:25 Gary Ablett
31:46 Rory Sloane & Marcus Bontempelli
33:42 Elliot Yeo
36:55 Chad Wingard
38:50 Captain’s Corner & Wrap-Up

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