ESS/MEL Suspended, SuperCoach Implications #SCCPodcast.R4-2020

max gawn supercoach implications

Bumper week, bumper episode!
50 minutes of content to help you navigate the chaos & SuperCoach implications.

Marcus, Dunny & Brice discuss this week’s key topics: the suspended Essendon/Melbourne game and the many SuperCoach implications, what to do with Dunkley/Dangerfield/Whitfield, must we Neale at all costs, and more!

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Round 4 #SCCPodcast Questions:

  • We discuss the suspended Essendon/Melbourne game, how SuperCoach are handling the rules, the fall-out, and future strategic implications
  • Essendon/Melbourne ‘Premiums’: Christian Salem, Clayton Oliver, Zach Merrett, Max Gawn, Christian Petracca, Devon Smith
  • Rookie targets: Tom Williamson, Will Hamill, Laitham Vendermeer, Trent Rivers, Harley Bennell, Kysiah K-Pickett
  • [TWITTER] @HarleyHonigSC
    Thoughts on bringing in Neale at any cost?
  • [PATREON] Ben Lewis
    The Dunkley Trade. Is it as simple as bringing in Fyfe or Neale if you don’t have one of them? Or should you look to be more creative with the money?
    Why is Danger scoring so badly – are there any stats you can point to, or role change? Even in the wins he isn’t dominating. Seems to be trying hard, is it a matter of bad luck?
  • [TWITTER] @ItsTheRainman
    Whitfield is going to plummet in price, do we just cut? And if we keep moving premos, how do we complete our teams?
  • [TWITTER] @CraigFairbairn
    Is Jy Simpkin the real deal? Whitfield to Simpkin?


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