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“The Defenders Show”: part 4 of our positional series for SuperCoach pre-season 2016!

The defenders show is the last of our positional series for pre-season 2016, and also arguably the toughest position in SuperCoach this year. With most of the premium options looking shaky, many coaches are looking to ‘value premiums’ or ‘mid-pricers’ to get the job done. Will the risk be worth the pay-off? Consistency is king this week; catch the #SCCPodcast defenders show below:

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  1. Hi Marcus or FB – in your podcast you said leagues were going out… I’ve waited a few days to get an email… too early to be thinking I was missed?
    If not, mine again was
    Team name: GaryReal
    Placed last yr 5437
    Hopefully there’s still a spot, ta

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