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completing our teams

It’s the final round of byes this week, and if you’ve kept up – most of us are completing our teams. Coverage discussion, POD forwards, final downgrade options and more!


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Please excuse the intermittent sound issues this week 🙁 Connection was, unfortunately, a bit spotty!

This week is all about completing our teams! After looking at the backline and rucks last week, we focus on making the final touches in the midfield and forward line. FBDonkey and I also take another look at downgrade options and contemplate trading in ‘premium cover’.

SCC League Update:
SuperCoachCoach #1 – 1st (0)
SuperCoachCoach QQ – 2nd (0)
SuperCoachCoach KK – 4th (-4)
SuperCoachCoach 10 – 5th (+1)
SuperCoachCoach AA – 7th (-10)
SuperCoachCoach #2 – 8th (-1)
SuperCoachCoach JJ – 13th (-6)
SuperCoachCoach #4 – 20th (0)

We start with the downgrade options this week. FBDonkey provides a rundown on Essendon rookies: Shaun EdwardsElliot Kavanagh and Orazio FantasiaJack Steele is also discussed, despite being on the bye this week. After losing Krakouer, many coaches are looking to Steele to complete the M/F link into the midfield.

In the midfield, Rory Sloane remains the obvious candidate this week after exactly hitting his breakeven in round 12. Instead of trade-in targets though, most coaches want to know what to do with their under-performing midfielders. Joel SelwoodJordan Lewis, and Josh P Kennedy continue to frustrate. With Gold Coast coming off their bye, we also anticipate the return of SuperCoach god – Gary Ablett.

After a stellar performance on the weekend, the Max Gawn selection demanded a re-visit. The question gets posed again: is Gawn, Stefan Martin Mk II?

Then to the forward line, where we compare ‘point of difference’ (POD) forwards. Forward premiums that are not particularly well represented across the SCC community: Lance FranklinLuke DahlhausBrendon Goddard and Brett Deledio.

After a bumper 137 on the weekend, old superstar Brent Harvey raised some eyebrows:

Much to FBDonkey’s delight, it’s also time to review the Tom Mitchell selection. Is he a ‘must-have’ for those who passed earlier:

The final question for the week is about coverage when completing our teams. FBDonkey & I discuss trading in bench premiums for the run home.

R12 #SCCPodcast Rundown:

  • Rookies – E.Kavanagh, S.Edward, O.Fantasia, J.Steele,
  • Midfield – J.Selwood, J.Lewis, J.P.Kennedy, G.Ablett
  • S.Martin Mk II – Max Gawn
  • Forwards – L.Franklin, L.Dahlhaus, B.Goddard, B.Deledio, B.Harvey, T.Mitchell
  • Coverage – Legitimacy of ‘bench premiums’

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