Navigating Limited Downgrades & Injured Premiums #SCCPodcast R10 2021

Navigating Limited Downgrades Isaac Heeney Rowan Marshall Toby Greene Jack Bowes AFL SuperCoach

Marcus & FBDonkey discuss this week’s key topics: what to do with the injured Marshall, Bowes & Greene, scraping the bottom of the rookie barrel, rolling the dice on Heeney & Hogan, plus much more on trading strategy!

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2021 SuperCoach Round 10 Podcast Rundown:

🤕 What to do with the injured Rowan Marshall, Jack Bowes & Toby Greene?
💰 Choosing which rookies to cash out, including Tom Powell & Chad Warner
⌛️ Is it too late to jump on Riley Collier-Dawkins, Caleb Poulter & Ryan Byrnes?
🧐 Scraping the bottom of the rookie barrel including Lachie Jones, Tanner Bruhn, Ronin O’Connor, Kieren Briggs, Finlay Macrae, Cody Weightman
😵 How to approach trading strategy with the lack of downgrade options this week
🎲 Is it worth rolling the dice on Isaac Heeney or Jesse Hogan?
😱 Should we consider not trading this week?


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FBDonkey joins Marcus for a patron-exclusive, 22 minute bonus discussion on:

  • Top Midfield targets: Lyons vs Bontempelli vs Guthrie vs Duncan vs Steele vs Walsh vs Oliver vs Merrett
  • Value Midfield targets: Kelly vs Mitchell
  • Is Sam Docherty back to being the real deal in 2021
  • Picking premiums in a barren forward landscape: Hall vs Hind vs Hawkins vs Cameron vs Heeney vs Hogan
  • Bye considerations


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