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May 11, 2015
Hey all. Hope you're going well so far.

My team is tracking along ok and have fortunately only used 1 trade.

I am making at least one trade this week - Cripps to either Dusty or Dunkley - just not sure which one to bring in though. I already have Macrae so might go with Dusty to avoid having too many Doggies and save about $20k as well.

Also have rookie Sharp (M/D) on mid bench who has been dropped from Brisbane side tonight. If the game was later in the round would probably hold and use as loophole. Given he plays tonight though I'm thinking of swapping him for Sam Berry - he's the main good rookie I missed in my starting team. My question is - is it worth using a trade to side swap rookies now? My gut says yes - better to get the extra cash generation from a playing rookie early on - who knows when Sharp will return.

My only other concerns are Jones (F) - scored 5 last week :-0 and then Dow. Hoping they can get a couple of bigger scores soon.

Good luck for the round everyone and have a safe and happy Easter.



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May 2, 2015
Hi @Orallus_Maximus
Glad you're tracking OK and a Happy Easter to you.
I'm facing the same decision re. Sharp but it's a fairly easy one for me: I don't have Jordon so it's Sharp->Jordon.
I figure the cash Jordon should generate makes the trade worthwhile. Plus, Sharp may not return this year and even if he does his scoring hasn't been that great.

My only other iffy rookie is Cox but his JS seems assured and his D/F status could be handy so I'm happy to hold for now.
I'm using my second trade to bring in Tex. Big gamble but why not?
I'm fully expecting to use him as a stepping stone but you never know. He might have one of those late career years that do happen.
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