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    SuperCoachCoach #1 - Season 2020

    Jeezus. This is gonna be a good league. Good luck gents.
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    SuperCoachCoach #4 - Season 2020

    PickenWinners is in. Called Libbas Llamas this year. Cheers guys
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    2020 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team name: Libba's Llamas 2017: 1451 2018: 7555 2019: 16333 SCC patreon league and ranked league
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    Round 11 Discussion & Trade Talk

    That's the way to look at it FS. Guelfi will probably make $20-30k if he gets around 70. Walters BE is 24, if he gets a ton or more as he is easily capable you'll miss more money than you gain. Grab him while he's cheap
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    Trades before round 7

    Macrae!!! Wow. I missed him for now but happy to bring Sicily in. Will take that every day. Took your advice lowrider and passed on Duman. Ready for a downgrade next week though
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    Supercoach Prices and Breakevens Explained

    Always enjoy your analysis Lowrider. It wouldn’t take Duman long to make the 90 provides he gets picked but i agree Murray still looks good. Just thought I’d throw an idea at you
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    Supercoach Prices and Breakevens Explained

    Here's a proposal Lowrider, say Murray has 90k to make, if you go early on him for Duman, you bank near on 200K plus get around a 60K jump instantly in Duman are you better in that circumstance to cut your loss from Murray in the hope that overall your net position would be better off?
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    Supercoach Prices and Breakevens Explained

    Great post Lowrider, I've always had a reasonable understanding of it, but it's good to see someone use the numbers and explain it to everyone. Good work
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    Potential Trades Before Round 2

    That's some top notch analysis Lowrider. Love your work
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    2018 Rookies

    Hmm. If that’s the case he’s a lock for me
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    2018 Rookies

    Worried about his JS though Lowrider? He looked good on the weekend but no Walker.. They reckon he can play back as well though so could swing into a Otten style role from last year.