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SuperCoachCoach (formerly Your SuperCoach Coach – YSCC) started its humble beginnings as a blog back in 2009.

Flashback to 2009 – DT Talk had been around for a couple of years and were really starting to hit their stride. Unfortunately though, SuperCoach was my game of choice and I felt starved of quality content. So, having already spent a lot of time researching, I started blogging.

I reached out for a podcast guest a few weeks into the 2009 season. FBDonkey joined for an episode, another, and another, and another, and the rest is history!

Six years later – we have been through a few different iterations of our website, and a name change. But the same thing drives us; our passion to help and grow our community.

Although we no longer have the time to blog, FBDonkey & I have stayed committed to the #SCCPodcast. Which we are very proud to say is the oldest and longest-running AFL fantasy podcast in the market!

FBDonkey– Marcus

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