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  1. AlLewis

    SuperCoachCoach #6

    Kew Ballers are in
  2. AlLewis

    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Kew Ballers SCC 2020 #5 2020 - 19,399 2019 - 33,900 2018 - 3,788 2017 - 404 2016 - 23,133 2015 - 5,845 2014 - 29,827
  3. AlLewis

    2020 Starting Structure

    With a reduced number of rounds full premo teams will be almost impossible to attain so it might have to be a mid-price gamble everywhere possible with selecting reduced premos ultra important and picking only the rookies with decent, quick scoring potential.
  4. AlLewis

    SuperCoachCoach #5 - Season 2020

    Sweet!! Kew Ballers locked in!
  5. AlLewis

    2020 Forwards

    Which forward rookies are you all considering and how many are you planning on selecting?
  6. AlLewis

    2020 Forwards

    Is an 87 average enough for you though? He needs to be a keeper at that price. Do you rate him over other even cheaper options Ceglar, Smith, Steven and Brayshaw?
  7. AlLewis

    2020 Forwards

    It’ll be interesting to see here he plays this weekend. Williams is under an injury cloud I think so I reckon he might be used in the back half a bit, unless they really let Ash fill the Williams role. I’d love to pick Williams but an Achilles injury...?
  8. AlLewis

    2020 Forwards

    Yeah I noticed that when I checked his stats out more closely. It really surprised me as when I was an owner I always remember him having so many niggles and bandages on all the time. I’m currently giving him serious consideration as I think the midfield will need him a stack this year!
  9. AlLewis

    2020 Forwards

    He’s looked a lot better than Greenwood and covers the ground so well. I think he’s looked really good. I wonder if he might be a player that scores well in positive game scripts, when they are up, but scores poorly when they are up against tougher teams.
  10. AlLewis

    2020 Forwards

    If he is fit you have to pick him. His ceiling is too high.
  11. AlLewis

    2020 Forwards

    Walters isn’t in my team but apparently he’ll be spending lots of time in the midfield to help the kids out. Such an injury risk...
  12. AlLewis

    2020 Backs

    He’s awesome and would love to have him but there will be games where Dawson and co impact his scoring so I’ll wait and see. I like Williams a lot but they have so much talent and his price might be a bit elevated after his pinch hitting in the midfield late last season. My D1 at present is...
  13. AlLewis

    2020 Begins

    What structure are ppl going with at the moment? As much as I’d like 5 guns in the midfield it looks like there will be a number of really good rookie options there. I don’t think I’m going Grundy and Gawn either which obviously frees up cash. Thoughts?
  14. AlLewis

    2020 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Kew Ballers (Formerly SS Silverbacks) previous SCC leagues; #3 2019, #3 2018, #14 2017 ranks; 2019 - 33,900; 2018 - 3,788; 2017 - 404
  15. AlLewis

    SuperCoachCoach #3 - Season 2019

    S.S.Silverbacks are in and ready to resume some rivalries from last season!
  16. AlLewis


    Loving the Neale discussion, I've always enjoyed owning him and despite seeing him receiving the tap downs from big Stef and shoveling it out to Zorko I won't start with him this year. At the other end of the spectrum who has info on James Cousins? I know 219k is awkward but it seems like he...
  17. AlLewis

    2019 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team : S.S.Silverbacks SCC League #3 in 2018 Ranks : 2018 - 3788 2017 - 404 2016 - 23133 2015 - 5845 2014 - 29827
  18. AlLewis

    Round 12 Duscussion and Trade Talk

    I have definitely considered this but with the carnage I’m facing this week.... He played great the last game he played too! So frustrating. Currently I have Macca, Titch, Cripps, Mclean, Simpson and Sicily on byes plus Fyfe, Coniglio, Dusty, Laird and Anderson out or doubtful... oh and shyte...
  19. AlLewis

    Pre Season chat

    It's a really tough one. How many of the DPP rucks are guaranteed a game each week. Stanley, Cox, McKernan, Smith? That's a lot of money to spend to either sit on your bench or give you a crap score on field... Save the money and add an extra ultra premium. After 5 rounds you will probably have...
  20. AlLewis

    Pre Season chat

    Can you go without a genuine back up ruck on the bench and without a DPP backup ruck in your fwd line?